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Was i sexually abused?

Discussion in 'Childhood' started by rlinas, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:10 PM.

  1. rlinas

    rlinas Guest

    It is something that has been in the back of my head for a while. As a child my older sister (5 years older than me) would tell me to play " mommy & daddy" and she would have us kiss (having our lips curled in) , kiss (lips curled in ) and lay on top of each other, and she would have me be naked on the bed and with toys rubbed my vagina hard. After this, she would yell at me that she was going to tell my mom what i was doing, but it was her doing it to me. I dont remember anything else, but i do remember masturbating at a young age a lot ans getting in trouble. I dont remember saying no or trying to prevent it. I cant remember more. Was this sexual abuse?
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  3. Rumors

    Rumors I'm a VIP

    I don't have an answer but it sounds confusing a hell. Just wanted to respond with encouragement that I am sorry you feel badly.
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  4. Mach123

    Mach123 Well-Known Member Premium Member Donated

    If you want my opinion, yes. There may or may not be more for you to remember. She (your sister) was very likely sexually abused also because it sounds like a re enactment. (I'm not defending her) I'm really sorry. I'm not an expert or anything. I'd run it by a trauma therapist though or read some of the books about it. I assume you are having some other problems that have you thinking this way. : ( There is help available though, that's the good news?
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