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What Made You Angry Today?

Discussion in 'Social' started by Tracey081, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Tracey081

    Tracey081 New Member

    I don't get angry. (Or I RARELY get angry.) I'm supposed to keep an 'anger journal', but it's pretty empty. My therapist really wants me to think of anything that upsets me in the least, and write it down, and I usually come up empty. I nearly got raped 11 days ago, and I cried and got upset, but I more wondered what I did to make the guy in question so angry. I was scared; I fought; I felt helpless... but I'm not sure I can say I was 'angry'. It was more like 'confused' and 'upset'.

    So I'll start with my angriest moment of the day (week): reading this forum (LOL!), I came upon platitudes that make you angry, and although I mostly laughed because others felt the same thing, I remembered being told to always use "I statements" and I guess I remembered being angry when I was told that because it seemed unreasonable.
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  3. Srain

    Srain "Please don't tell me not to cry."
    Premium Member

    I love surprising people I love with quirky non-holiday, off the mark holidays, out of the blue gifts. Yesterday was my hunny's 28th years anniv. year at work. I called some friends and family asking them to text, leave messages, or email him while I ordered him a cake and got a Wizard of Oz card depicting him as the Tin man (he's always stiff from over-working, I was dorothy- yeah, right :rolleyes:, his pup as the lion (ha!) and Big Girl as the Scare Crow (you have to know her), the inside was blank so I wrote Happy Anniversary We love you!!!. I left it in the fridge but not before I ate a piece and blamed his dog (she is such a trouble maker :whistling:). I got up when he got home and he was surprised and all but woke up again when I heard fireworks were going off and got pissed off.Going outside to see who was setting them off and saw he was doing dishes at the time.

    For some reason he was ticked off, I don't think it was at me because I didn't say anything to him about the fireworks. I said leave the dishes and come to bed but he had a 'tude. (what???? are you kidding me??) I said I would do them in the morning, he had a long day and it's his day so come to bed, he snapped at me and then denied he did it... I just got fumed inside then let 'er rip! Don't tell me you aren't pissy when you are and don't tell me I swore at you when I didn't...I hate that because brother I can swear the angels out of heaven if I so desire!!

    What the heck was up with that??? I truly DO NO APPRECIATE THAT BS of telling me I said something I DID NOT!! SO SCREW OFF!!

    It hurt my feelings in retrospect but at the time I could have clobbered him!!! Or tossed that damn cake in his face!! I worked on that surprise since last week, so it's not my fault he hates his job and I'm always supportive of him and that stupid job. I'm the one with PTSD so quit the job and flip a f**king burger!!

    Yes, that's what made me mad :)

  4. missing_the _sunshine

    missing_the _sunshine Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    Getting a phone call telling me that some classy individual in another country and hacked into my bank details, created a copy card and gone on a spending spree and spending thousands of $ from my savings and leaving me with $20!!!!!!!
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  5. jasmin

    jasmin Active Member

    Hey good thread! I too, never get angry.. or very rarely do and when I do it scares people. I don't express my anger outwardly I guess.. avoid confrontation and what not.I definitely have angry thoughts though.

    I guess today what angered me.. and it's stupid I know.. As I don't even know the girl..
    But this new girl started at my work recently as she was seated at the workstation next to me today.. something about her pissed me off.. her posture, the way her lips were pressed, her gestures, her tone.. so full of herself. Prissy little rich girl bitch with her fancy coat and stupid trinkets..
    That was how I was perceiving her, I felt grimy beside her (perhaps because I was recalling a lot of childhood memories as I worked) and felt as though there is NO WAY she could have any empathy for the people in the cases we hear. Let alone any understanding of the dark sides of life. This angered me. Damn bubble people.

    But hey, I guess (No I know) that's just me being a judgmental douche. tutt tutt.
  6. jasmin

    jasmin Active Member

    Shit! I just saw this.. GAWD! That is horrible! I'm so sorry, you really need to attack a punching bag RIGHT NOW.. a couch cushion would also suffice :/
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  7. Tracey081

    Tracey081 New Member

    I can honestly say the ONE person who can make me mad is my DH! LOL! You sound very thoughtful; I used to try to be, but he didn't like my brand of thoughtful (surprises, gifts, etc). HIS brand of thoughtful is to leave him alone and pretend like you enjoy Bonanza reruns. (ugh) He used to do that "denying he snapped at me" thing all the time; I'm not sure if I just got used to it, or if he stopped! He used to "forget" so often that I wondered if he had dementia. ;)

    That's scary! Your bank has to be able to do something! (but I know my sister has her acct hacked because her daughter gave away her acct info to download software, and the bank refused to help her besides changing her acct.) I'd probably get bummed out about that; very sorry for you :(

    I'm told anger is never stupid! At least you have some even if you keep it bottled up! The only girls I've seen like that are on The Hills (TV), but they don't count because they're meant to be ridiculous! I'm not sure how I'd deal with being forced to be around someone whose mere presence made me pissed!
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  8. Iam

    Iam I'm a VIP

    Funny that I saw this thread this morning. I don't get angry very often either. Today......this morning when I first got up......I blew my stack at my husband. I woke up very disturbed about our 3 grown sons, all of them having problems. All of them turning to us to help them financially at times. This time it's an attorney for our youngest son who got busted for possessing percocet without a prescription. My husband agreed to hire an attorney for him. I disagree, he has this BIG BRAVADO attitude about it. Like he' proud of himself for making it into "Busted Magazine". Literally, I heard him bragging to a friend on the phone Sunday. And I am the one who has to go to 2 consultations with different attorneys tomorrow to decide who to hire. I don't want to hire one at all....if his attitude was different I'd be all for it.

    Our middle son lost his job as a result of a long term whiplash injury and then breaking his hand the day after he was released to go back believe he lost his job because he was enjoying being off and wanted to take one more week after receiving a release from his dr to return. Then he broke his hand two days later. His company was going to start a new FMLA for it and asked for the written waiver from his dr for the whiplash. They saw it was from the day before he broke his hand and fired him for not returning to work on that day. k. He called last night wanting to borrow money until his unemployment comes thru. I told him I didn't know if Dad would because this bailing the boys out has been constant and we have to say "no" at some point. His comment "You're the only one I can turn to. I'll lose the house and my car if you don't and then what about the girls?" Were the injuries his fault? No. Do we care about him and his family, YES, but...his older brother told me Sunday that he is partying hard every night. That is just plain wrong.....he wants us to help him and his family while he's getting drunk every night? How does THAT help his family?

    Our oldest son (who has a very expensive college education) was injured in a commercial fishing expedition and is on disability. It is looking now like he needs surgery after all. . No, not his fault, I understand, but I feel like he is milking the disability. He should at least be looking to the future and making plans for what he is going to do after he is healed. He's not.

    So I woke up angry. My husband asked how I was doing, I said not good. Told him why. When I told him that our middle son said that he has nobody else to turn to my hubby said "Tell him to ask his grandmother". My mother is married to a rich man, she is also a big part of why I have PTSD and my husband hates her. What the HELL does she have to do with our sons? Why the F should she bail them out? I mean really.....WHY THE F DID HE SAY THAT when I am already so Fing uspet? I blew up.....

    So yeah.......that's why I'm angry today.
  9. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    I don't get angry, well very rarely and then people who know me just stare and try not to laugh. BUT, I do get very irritated at door to door sales people and telephone sales.

    I think the door to door sellers are getting the idea and miss my house out. At least I don't have small children to be woken when the door bell rings and the dogs go crazy. I hate answering the door to people I'm not expecting (a PTSD thing) so often just ignore the door. After telling the dogs they are such fine defenders of course.

    As for the phones, it is rather fun to ask them just to hold on a minute and then put the receiver next to some music and leave them there.:roflmao::roflmao:
  10. Iam

    Iam I'm a VIP

    My therapist (one of the two LOL) tells me that anger is rooted in hurt and fear. So yeah....that makes sense. You were so thoughtful to do that for your DH Rain. Sorry he was upset and didn't show the appreciation that I am sure he must have been feeling. I would have been hurt and angry too.

    That totally sucks Sunshine. We've had that happen 2 times. Even though you get your money back it still is a pain in the butt, not to mention, what do you do until the bank returns the funds. (((HUGS))))

    Thanks for starting this thread Tracey......I really needed to vent today!

    Wow Jasmin........that is great insight!!!! :tup: Sorry she upset you, but wow....I really think it's fantastic that you were able to figure out what was going on inside your head and heart. Of course she may really be a bubble person too ;o)
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  11. Tracey081

    Tracey081 New Member

    These are great! (So tempted to use some in my journal to tell my tDoc tomorrow, LOL!)

    I came CLOSE to anger today. The hospital "lost" my dad (turned out they never transported him to the nursing home, and had to do it late); and while dealing with that on the phone, my daughter got stung by a bee and had a sudden scary reaction. I always have an EpiPen for my own allergic reactions (I stop breathing w/ certain meds, but I'm not allergic to bees and didn't know if bee stings could cause anaphylactic reactions), so I gave her a Benedryl, slapped an icepack on her hand, grabbed the EpiPen, and attempted to transport my daughter to the ER...

    And got stuck behind this car going about 20mph in a 45mph zone.


    I smiled and took my deep breaths, and I do this thing with slow drivers where I imagine they've got some GREAT reason for going slow (like maybe they're paranoid to leave the house and this is their first time out). But my daughter was getting drowsy, and when she sort of slumped over, I freaked out enough that I pulled the EpiPen out of the box to stab her leg with it (WHILE driving).

    It was just a split second, because my daughter saw me pull the EpiPen and quickly said she was just tired but not passing out; but for that split second, I wanted to lay on the horn and yell at the slowpokes to get out of my way! As in, if they had agoraphobia, they should get the hell off the road until their meds kick in!

    I know there was a time before my PTSD that I would've flipped them the bird while passing them, and it seems like a lifetime ago, but I'm pretty satisfied that I didn't sit there like a doormat zombie. I'll be thrilled to report that angry moment to my tDoc tomorrow :)

    (And I have something to confess at confession this week!) ♥
  12. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    During T today, I felt anger at some of my family for allowing the bullying, pain and emotional Abuse
  13. txtrace

    txtrace Active Member

    My job. I'm off work and have been since I had yet another surgery in April. The doc won't release me til I can move around without crutches and my next appointment isn't until July and work knows this, they have the forms from the Dr. I'm in counseling trying to get my head straight and figure out this PTSD thing and how I'm going to deal with it daily. Yet they call today wanting to know when I'm coming back, they have things they need me to do. Never mind they are things not in the area I'm working in and they are things the person who had them call me (he didn't even call, had a secretary do it on speaker so he could listen) could do, but NEVER does. He irritates me SOOO much.
    Sorry for the rant but that call REALLY ticked me off today and I don't do anger well right now.
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  14. jasmin

    jasmin Active Member

    Not so much angry.. but highly annoyed.. every time I browse a different page/thread on this site (and no other site) my security system keeps popping up with 'Malicious URL blocked' notifications. This hasn't happened before with this or any other site.. RAWR I hate pop ups!
  15. KP the nut

    KP the nut Tigger is back!!!!!
    Premium Member

    Today so far, nothing, I feel mellow and appreciated
  16. The Albatross

    The Albatross Product of decisions rather than circumstances
    Premium Member

    I got angry because instead of calling and asking a question (we're on call 24/7/365) some dumb lifeguard decided to put detergent on the deck to wash it with last night.... Yum yum... soap in the pool. I found it on a routine check this morning and didn't handle it very well... I was swearing and had to walk away to calm down. Pulled the MSDS... called the big boss... made a decision.... now got stuck with writing a "procedure" for how to clean a deck. Um.. water... electric pressure washer and 10 to 1 bleach (chlorine). How friggin' hard is it to resist putting soap in a swimming pool???? Geeze Louize... I look at some of these young people and it makes me afraid.

    My apologies to any young people... but please don't put soap in a swiming pool???
  17. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Changes are hard even for the right reasons
    Premium Member

    oooooo I did that by mistake in a jacuzzi my shorts still had soap in them and talk about bubbles.

    Ok it does not take much to flip my switch. Mass frustration leads to anger really quickly. I wake up angry
  18. The Albatross

    The Albatross Product of decisions rather than circumstances
    Premium Member

    The part about soap in the Jacuzzi... not about waking up angry... I do that all too often for my husbands taste and try to bite my lip until he walks out the door so I won't snap at him. (why I hit the like button)
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  19. Teddy

    Teddy Active Member

    My mother makes me filthy angry when she only talks about her shit and won't sit and listen to some of mine. I am fed up with listening to crap always about her. She is never happy and she is belittling and nasty and says nasty stuff when she is 'loosing the argument'. Hits below the belt and then says later she didn't say it as if I have made it all up. Now of course it is that she can't remember.
    Never listened never has and it makes me furious that now I have to look after her and listen to her shit just because the Guilt trip is so enormous if I don't.

    So my mother makes me angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member
    Premium Member

    So far today, absolutely nothing. Well, I will say that the neighborhood kid knocking on our door every 25 min.'s makes me feel frustration, ...but angry today. Nope, not yet.
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  21. brat17

    brat17 I'm a VIP

    Albatross-dont let my young people use a vacuum either, they know how to break em all. Had to send them to college to prevent a kitchen fire. LOL
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  22. Tessa

    Tessa I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    I am angy today about my long battle with the work health court. We thought we had an agreement however the other party won't play the game. I am angry also that no one cares when 5 people tried to comit Suicide in one night and I got blamed for my overtime - was I supposed to let them die ?
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  23. TLight

    TLight I'm a VIP

    I feel nothing but anger...all the time.
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  24. intothelight

    intothelight Just Being Me

    Me, I make me angry all the time. Wish I could get angry at the people that I should be angry with. But that is a rare occurrence. Just shows me how far I still have to go. (God, that pisses me off at myself. :poop:
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  25. Pottershand

    Pottershand I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    Lack of containment of my emotions. Feel like the dam is about to burst....makes me angry at myself for lack of control.
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  26. The Albatross

    The Albatross Product of decisions rather than circumstances
    Premium Member

    Coming home and finding that my husband left the back gate latched but not locked, and the side gate wide open (he was distracted because he had a flat tire this morning...) - thankfully both dogs (one stayed in today) were still in the yard... but if they would have pushed the gate they would have been long gone and at risk to be hit in traffic.

    Trying to say, it's okay... nothing happened... and calm down before he comes home. It scared me first, then made me angry really. I thought someone had been in the yard.
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