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Why veterans miss war

Discussion in 'Military & Emergency Services' started by Deadman, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Deadman

    Deadman Well-Known Member

    I came across this today. Not sure why. Maybe just introspection.

    Why veterans miss war .

    Its true. I miss it. I miss my brothers and sisters. I miss being with people I knew I could trust. I miss being needed. I miss the responsibility.

    I felt like a lone wolf who had found his pack. I never felt so alive.
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  3. Sighs

    Sighs Not a Fairytale Moderator Donated

    My vet says his problem is not that he deployed too often - its that he had to come home.

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  4. Deadman

    Deadman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, there are days I think the same.
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  5. LuckiLee

    LuckiLee Was leehalf


    Yep, my guy misses it too. Alot! And for all of those same reasons. He was closer to his team than he ever was to his own family. J was special ops and in charge of a 9 man team. They spent years together. (Nine women would have killed each other) :)

    @Deadman, now that you're "home" do you talk to or see the people you served with? For the life of me I can't figure out why J doesn't keep in contact with any of them. (I'm guessing because it's too painful, not everyone came home with him. Oooh the guilt!!) :(

    We need to find you guys a new "pack". The VFW was there for J when he first came home. He even became State Commander where he lived. He had his family back. Now his anxiety is so bad it's hard for him to make acquaintances let alone friends.

    Good luck Deadman. Sorry you're missing your family. I bet they miss you too. Call them!
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  6. Mal Content

    Mal Content Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. Let it go. Premium Member Donated

    Very enlightening - and disheartening - video, Deadman. Thank you for sharing that. It led me on a journey I'd never thought to take.
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  7. Sighs

    Sighs Not a Fairytale Moderator Donated

    @leehalf - socialising with the guys still serving after you've been medically discharged is really hard - on both sides.

    For those still in - looking at someone who has been damaged (physically or mentally) to the point where they can no longer serve is very bad for morale. Soldiers need to feel ten foot tall and bullet proof.

    For those left out of battle - looking at blokes still serving just reminds you of all you're missing out on.

    Its very hard to find a new pack. My vet has tried with sporting clubs, car clubs etc. Unsurprisingly, nothing quite measures up to the bonds forged in combat.

    @Deadman - :hug:
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  8. Mach123

    Mach123 Well-Known Member Premium Member Donated

    Thank all of you for serving and supporting one of my sons is at AIT Fort Huachuca.
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  9. ShikibuZ

    ShikibuZ Well-Known Member Premium Member

    I had written a response days ago, and then deleted it out of cowardice. I both hope you did and did not see it. Either way, thank you for *your* courage. In all of its manifestations.
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  10. SaharaSon

    SaharaSon Well-Known Member

    Sighs, I think a big part of being in a combat zone, or a war torn environment is that it puts you on an edge and you don't take life for granted. You do see, and touch, good and evil real close. You know how real it really is. I'm sort of a lone wolf type in that I can get easily get lost in, and identify with an oppressed people with a radically different culture from mine. If I went in, I may never return. I'm married now, but if that ever changed I probably would join the Peace Corps or some NGO in some hell hole where the people are in a bad way and try to help them. It can get plenty dangerous because you are on your own, no Marines are going to come and help you when the sh*t hits the fan. Life is too easy here in the States, we are a little too far removed from the real world. I could easily jump, I think about it alot. :D
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