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Work-caused Ptsd But Work Denying Special Disability

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by sp607, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. sp607

    sp607 New Member

    My husband has had work-related PTSD for 6 years now. He was officially diagnosed with it 2 years ago. When work found out they told him to basically quit or file for retirement. Luckily he was eligible for retirement so he filed for special disability with his lawyer's counsel.
    He has 4 psychologist (and only 1 of those is our psychologist) stating it is work related. Work tied my husbands hands behind his back in so many ways (#1 financially therefore emotionally in many ways) that due to them denying secondary employment while waiting for the retirement process which took 19 MONTHS, we had to foreclose on our house and declare bankruptcy. 19 months after filing for retirement he gets word that general disability is granted but not special disability due to it "not being work related." HOW CAN THIS BE WHEN WE HAVE 4 PSYCHOLOGIST STATING OTHERWISE? My husbands lawyer suggested we appeal the case, which we are.
    We just found out yesterday that they denied him his retirement badge due to "mental illness."
    Anyone else experience any similar situation in relation to special disability being denied, general disability retirement taking so long, etc?
    We're not trying to cause trouble here in any manner, just wondering if this is all normal. Knowing it is would help me, as the wife, deal with the anger and stress of it all. We are very very thankful that we have benefits for the rest of our lives, don't think we're being ungrateful please :) Thanks for your opinions and support!
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  3. ronin47

    ronin47 Well-Known Member

    Breakfeast in America.

    Without going on a rant about capitalism and human greed, I will just say that your experience is not an uncommon one. I've never had to deal with the legal system in that way. However a lot of people have to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops when they've been injured in the workplace or have to retire early. It just seems so unfair, but people will do some pretty cold things to protect their assests, reputation, or both.

    I think you partially answered your own question when you said you're thankful that you do have benefits. I'm not saying what you're having to go through isn't a big deal, I'm saying the way to keep yourself sane through the bad stuff is to at least occasionally remind yourself of the positive things in your life. Don't let self centered people take your happieness away. What they say doesn't make your or your husbands feelings and experiences any less valid or legitimate. When you're getting frustrated with lack of acknowledgement from the legal system, remember you have acknowledgement from many other people, including those four psychologists who are behind you in getting your husband his compensation.

    Best of luck, I'll be rooting for you ;)
  4. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    sp607, I sent you a PM.

    Technically what they did is wrong. No one can justify nor truly explain their actions. We can't as we are not them. They cannot as it would compromise their liability.
  5. Reclusive

    Reclusive I'm a VIP

    I've dealt with a worker's comp injury and my PTSD is at least partially work-related, if not completely. I let them both go when I realized my employer was building a case against me. At the time, I did it for my own mental health. But I wish like hell now that I had documented things better and chased them down legally. Stay strong and make sure you have good legal representation.
  6. Tessa

    Tessa I'm a VIP
    Premium Member

    I am going through this now and have just had my workers comp denied after 17 weeks out of work. We are filing with the work health court and I have also complained to Anti Discrimination as when I finally went back to work certified well they threw me out again. It is a nightmare journey and I wish you peace and endurance. Know there are others here who understand and walk with you.
  7. ragdoll

    ragdoll Member
    Premium Member

    My heart goes out to you. What an awful process to go through. Are there any websites out there that you can have public access to court cases relating to similar circumstances? I agree with Reclusive, stay strong and have good legal representation.
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