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Worst nightmare yet... too afraid to sleep

Discussion in 'Sleep & Nightmares' started by Anonymoussleeper, Jun 17, 2017.

    Last night had worst string of nightmares connected to my trauma (CSA). I'm so exhausted from all of the PTSD symptoms, that I have to sleep, but because of the nightmares would rather die than go through that again. Please help with any tricks you guys have to keep nightmares/terrors at bay. I'm desperate. I can't take another night of this.
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  2. anthony

    anthony Go Hard - Rip It Up! Founder

    No tricks, just truth. Treat the problem, your trauma, not the symptoms, your nightmare.
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  3. Audreyinmydreams

    Audreyinmydreams New Member

    I have ptsd steming from molestation starting at age 9 which has now been addresses and treated, dealt with and forgiven. My only problem remains the horrifying night terrors I am having and each one get's worse. It makes me fearful to sleep because I'm so scared of the next one after what I went through three nights ago where I witnessed a man being murdered by the hands of several other men while I watched three feet away, screaming for them to stop. Upon waking I felt through my body as if I had actually experienced the trauma. It took me hours to calm down and I;m not a mealy mouthed little wimpy woman. I take care of myself, live alone and have my act together pretty well . . . except I cannot stop the nightmares nightly and the surprise night terror which jumps in unexpectedly now and then. I've dealt with the problem so where do I go now??? I'm at the end of my rope hanging on. I'm scared to go to sleep. I sleep with the lights on and the tv on. I only sleep when I am so tired I pass out. I'm looking for a counselor who specializes in ptsd but it's easier said than done.
  4. anthony

    anthony Go Hard - Rip It Up! Founder

    There is a difference between nightmares due to trauma, and just nightmares. If you have dealt with your trauma, then you will no longer have nightmares about it. If your nightmares are not about your trauma, or surrounding your trauma, they are just nightmares. Everyone can have nightmares. That is different from a symptom of trauma.

    Nightmares, by themselves, can be treated if repetitive. You can learn to control them. You can learn to interact and change them.
  5. desiderata310

    desiderata310 Relentless forward movement Moderator

    I haven't figured out how to control mine yet but I am aware that my trauma nightmares become repetitive surrounding certain stressors. They become repetitive around certain 'anniversaries' There is a rhyme and reason. Right now I'm trying to break the cycle of one really bad one by jumping on it before it gets here. I'm currently reeling but doing better than if I had waited, I think.

    The nightmares however are more vivid. I'm hoping that this is passing.
  6. Audreyinmydreams

    Audreyinmydreams New Member

    I was finally able to find a counselor who specializes in PTSD and am so shocked that the knowledge he has just in
    the area of understanding what I am going through at night, it's overwhelming. good overwhelming though!! He
    has explained how he only wished it was night terrors I was experiencing. that way they would go away when I
    woke up. What I'm calling night terrors is so much worse. And he seems to know some ways, techniques, tricks for the mind, to fight my mind from hanging on to the night mares/terrors/experiences for so long. it will be a process but I have faith and finally feel like there is light at the end of that long dark tunnel. I do still sleep with the light on and the television on. But it will take time for all the pieces to fall into place and replace what my brain is
    use to doing to deal with the past traumas. I'm hopeful, very hopeful. Thank God!
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  7. sonicwhite

    sonicwhite Well-Known Member

    When my ptsd dreams started in 2010 I had to be put on klonopin to calm me down. Now I will never suggest a benzo long term but just long enough until you get a foothold and know how to deal with them. I'm coming off a seven yr habit and it's been a ride and I'm glad I have a few spare to wean off of,
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