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Yasss! good news.

Discussion in 'Accomplishments' started by Supervixn, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Supervixn

    Supervixn Active Member

    My pedo ex husband who hasn't paid child support so long that he is in arrears 20k is finally being brought to justice. Not on prior abuse charges because they don't have "enough evidence", but for his failure to support his child. It's something.

    I worked my butt off supporting myself and our child on my own-- worked full time during the week and part time on weekends for two years straight and still struggled immensely. Our daughter went without so much for so long. We went without a vehicle because he took ours and never paid on it. He didn't care how we got around.

    My ex and I were summoned to court for the car he took and he didn't show so the court held me fully responsible as co-signer. We had mutually acquired debt which he also didnt pay on. I had to file bankruptcy just to stop the garnishments. I had to borrow off my retirement plan to get a car to get myself and our child around.

    Thats behind me... but now the state is going to actually DO SOMETHING about his irresponsibility and bring charges against him for felony failure to pay for our child.

    The state is FINALLY holding him responsible for the mess he left. It's wonderful news that I had to share!
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  3. Bearlinda

    Bearlinda Very IP Premium Member Donated

    That must feel wonderful after all the things he got away with. I hope they get him good :)
    Supervixn likes this.
  4. Grabballe

    Grabballe New Member

    That's a great news finally for you.
    Supervixn likes this.
  5. Ragdoll Circus

    Ragdoll Circus I'm a VIP Premium Member

    Awesome news:)
    Supervixn likes this.
  6. WishfulThinking123

    WishfulThinking123 Well-Known Member

    Supervixn likes this.
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