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  • MyPTSD do not delete accounts, however, we can place them into hibernation on your behalf. This means that your profile and any notifications you receive will be hibernated until such time as you login and activate your account via the email confirmation process. Your posting history will remain intact.

    To place your account into hibernation, open a new ticket and select account hibernation from the menu.
  • MyPTSD have various account upgrades available for its members. You can read more on account upgrades, and upgrade your account direct from your profile.
  • Trust is an individual aspect. The internet allows people to be who they want to be. Some are who they are, some are part of who they really are, and some are completely deceptive. You don't always know who falls into which category when people are directly in your personal life, so you have no hope knowing such things about someone online, behind a computer. Read more
  • Absolutely. Reading anything traumatic, let alone when you begin writing about your own trauma, is a form of exposure therapy, cognitive therapy and other therapeutic forms, all combined. You are in essence engaged in self-help, thus symptoms will increase and decrease, depending upon the self work you perform here. Read more on this topic and discuss.
  • MyPTSD is funded entirely by its readers. Donations keep MyPTSD online. You can read more and donate from our donation system.
  • The best way to learn is to watch a 3 minute video walk-around of the site which provides an overview of each area, meanings and how to interact with other members. Watch video and read more introductory content.
  • There are many factors that determine what responses, and how many, you get to a thread. The more you get right when starting your thread, the better your chances to maximize responses. Read more...
  • Understand how to maximize quoting to draw the right attention by learning to use the various quote features correctly.
  • Reporting content is a private way for users to report issues to staff. Read in detail about the reporting function.
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