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    Sexual Assault Weird Trigger

    So, I was choked while I was raped and had pretty bad tactile flashbacks from it for some time but it was a few years back and it wasn't the choking that I would feel. Now years later, I live in Mammoth Lakes CA aka it's FREEZING here almost all the time and my work puts me out in the extreme...
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    Dissociation and Tactile Flashbacks at work

    Very good point. Thank you! Wow that is amazing that you came up with this. Thank you so much for sharing, I think this would be a really structured way for me to approach it and I think that is very helpful. These are great ideas! I know the temperature change really works well for me but...
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    Dissociation and Tactile Flashbacks at work

    I had a really hard year and I have CPTSD but have had it well controlled(-ish) until I had some very re-traumatizing events happen and (very long story short) I have recently been having issues dissociating, sometimes while I am at work, and at it's extreme experience very vivid tactile...