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    Sufferer My first step

    Wecome @Bamboo ! You did great on your intro! I hope to see you around! Blessings of Peace sent your way☮️
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    Undiagnosed Hello. New to site, old to topic

    Welcome to the site @Levee I have found more comfort and understanding here than anywhere else…IRL or other forums. I recently got triggered into a night of intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks while in the hospital on pain meds…and in pain. The mental torture makes any pain worse. I have been a...
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    Prayer Requests

    Praying for blessings to flow your way!💜
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    Sufferer Posting is first step maybe?

    Welcome to the site! You don’t deserve all the crap you’ve been subjected to…none of us do. I’ve found that we personalize what was or wasn’t said, or done, and when we leave the home of neglect, somehow the critic takes on OUR voice and continues the mental and/or physical abuse. The rest of...
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    Sufferer New here and looking for support

    Welcome to the site! You’ve been through a lot for sure…and I respect you highly for taking care of your husband! There’s a ton of info here that I hope will help you. Take things at your own speed and staff is quick and good at answering questions. I’ve been a member 11 years now. You can...
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    Prayer Requests

    I SOOOO get this! It isn’t a wish to pass from this life…just a pass on the exhaustion of hit after hit after hit to our emotions, mental health, and wallets! The first thing I read today in my quiet time was “Do not worry about tomorrow” so I wrote it in bold at the top of the page of my...
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    Prayer Requests

    Hey, Y’all… I am requesting prayer on behalf of @Lionheart 🦁 We have been “messenger friends” for several years and he almost always answers within a day. (This started when we could have private conversations…it was abused so got taken away…I think that’s good…most of the time…) I messaged him...
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    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    THIS should be on a T-shirt! There have been times where I have been the “abuser” by not taking care of myself, allowing self-talk crap I would never say to any other human being. I’m working on getting a handle on that…still…
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    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    Welcome to the site! I’m sorry that you have the need for such a place…it’s been a refuge for me for 11 years now. Knowing we aren’t alone makes such a huge difference! There’s a ton of info that will shed light on your symptoms….and give you insight and tools to help you negotiate through this...
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    Sufferer Starting EMDR for long history of abuse

    Welcome to the site! There is a lot of information in articles, and many good, compassionate and understanding members here. I hope you will get the support you need. (I’m 65 and still a work in progress) Blessings of peace sent to you and yours! AKJ
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    Ask a foreigner

    Speaking of air conditioners…It’s been 96-100 here for a few days and yesterday the AC couldn’t keep up and we keep it at 78° F. It wasn’t going below 83…so this morning I went out and looked at the unit. Holy cow…I don’t know how it was getting any air at all. We have cottonwood trees that...
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    Ask a foreigner

    Not everyone, but most who live in areas that get really hot. I live in Kansas and count on air conditioning to be able to cope with the heat and humidity. I can’t imagine how the early settlers traveled across the country in covered wagons😳
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    Sufferer Older woman coming to terms with lifelong CPTSD

    Welcome, Bella! I’m glad you have found us! I’m an “older woman” too…65 at the moment. I can attest to the fact that with persistence and small changes…your outlook can change. I may be older chronologically but my heart feels lighter than it has in my whole life of depression, anxiety, and...
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    Sufferer Hi I’m Kim - After a lot of struggling & confusion I was diagnosed with PTSD as of two years ago. Childhood Trauma.

    Hi, and welcome to the forum! I’m sorry that you have a need for such a support group, but you’ve found the best as far as I’m concerned…I’ve been a member for 11 years on July 7. There is a ton of info here, supportive and compassionate people to interact with at your own pace. Staff is...
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    Sufferer Hello, fng here… Police & Ministry. Dealing with death and misery.

    @Jafo Welcome to the forum! I have deep respect for one who has been a police officer…THANK YOU for your service! Then to become a minister shows even more of your heart…even though you have had a super rough road…with a lot of fallout along the way! It IS time to get some relief and...