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    Vomiting from fear

    I am so sorry this happened to you! It is good that you can identify your trigger. What things have you done in the past that helped when you have been triggered? Sounds like a good idea to get in touch with the therapist when you can today. I am at work where my assault happened so I can get...
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    Anxiety + work

    Hi, I am sorry you are struggling with this. I am going through this as well. At work the other night I couldn't concentrate at all. One thing I have done is to put together a music playlist that I put on in the background. It helps keep my mood up so I don't start having anxiety and intrusive...
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    What does suicidal ideation look like for you?

    I usually get SI after a bad flashback, or when thinking about the physical limitations I now have from my injuries or when i have a lot of pain and no sleep from my injuries. I just start thinking... I don't want to live this way It isn't worth it. It was so strong I gave my hand gun to someone...
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    Constantly swapping tasks or actions

    I notice the same problem. My PTSD is from being assaulted several times in one year so still trying to figure out if my brain blanks are from the PTSD, the brain injuries or both!
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    Completely bonkers avoidance at home 🙈

    Very Understandable. I usually keep everything rather clean and organized. Since PTSD started I just sit alot and look around at what I am supposed to do and just can't get up to do it. I am trying to have only 2-3 tasks a week right now so I don't feel overwhelmed. Maybe that can help you to...
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    Poor sleep, Nightmares and Insomnia

    Having continued bad nightmares from being attacked. Also bad insomnia sometimes up well over 48 hours. I work night shift so when I can sleep changes based on work (I am a manager so sometimes work all night and then attend meetings during the day). Have been taking Prazosin (helps my BP but...
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    Sufferer Feel like friends don't understand me post-diagnosis

    Hello Deerstrong, So sorry you are feeling so isolated. I understand feeling changed. My therapist is trying to help me with being very depressed and (mourning) what I've lost physically and mentally. I tell her that I hate the person I am now. Many people more years into treatment than I...
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    Sufferer Trying to find other people who developed PTSD from an armed robbery or similar

    Welcome... I am fairly new here also. Sorry my PTSD is not from an armed robbery but I can understand you feeling isolated related to not finding people with your situation. I feel very isolated by mine (PTSD from being violently attacked three times in 8 months by forensic psychiatric patients)...
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    Bad timing in therapy session

    I am a mental health professional... now the tables are turned and I need help for severe PTSD from suffering some assaults and being injured by some forensic patients. Anyone in your sessions have your therapist at like ten minutes before your session ends solicit you to tell them something...
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    I can NEVER relax

    I also suffer with constant Hypervigilance so much so that I can't go to stores, church, out to eat or even wait in the lobby at my therapist office if there are people in there. It makes life difficult and exhausting. Working on it with my psychologist and about to start some meds to help even...
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    Sufferer Medical professional who suffered three assaults from patients last year resulting in permanent injury and severe PTSD

    I am a medical professional who suffered three assaults from patients last year resulting in permanent injury and severe PTSD. I am hoping this forum will be helpful.