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    I’m frustrated with my therapist and I want to quit.

    I recently cut ties with a therapist who wasn’t working for me after putting up with her for a year because I felt stuck and didn’t know how to end things without “hurting her feelings”. In the end I remembered that it’s not about her feelings, it’s about mine, and what I’m getting out of the...
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    Speech Freeze

    I have this experience too; whenever something involving the trauma comes up I immediately freeze and can’t talk, it’s like the words get caught in my throat. This happens so often in therapy that I bring my iPad with me to sessions so I can use text to speech and communicate that way. I...
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    How to Stop Avoiding?

    Thanks for the help guys, you’re right that I just need to take the first small step and find my “window of tolerance”, no matter how narrow it may be. I’ve been talking to my therapist about finding grounding tools to use so I’m not walking through the recesses of my mind alone and unprepared...
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    Other Can we talk about the intersection of autism and trauma?

    I also have autism and PTSD, along with a couple of other things, and I find that the PTSD is driven by fear that stems directly from being reminded in some way of the trauma, whereas the autism is driven by fear that stems from a lack of control over my environment, if that makes sense.
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    Becoming afraid of the dark

    I understand this feeling. I can sleep in the dark, but only if my bedroom and closet doors are closed. I can't walk through the dark, I can't even cross my dark bedroom to get from the light switch to my bed, I have to have my bedside lamp on or I'll get really scared and have the feeling...
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    How to Stop Avoiding?

    I've been in therapy for a long time, but I've never made any significant headway towards addressing my trauma because I can't cope with facing it. Just mentioning it or certain words related to it cause me to panic and shut down. My whole body freezes and I literally can't talk when the issue...
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    regression safety

    My therapist told me that triggering a response from the vagus nerve by having something in your mouth to suck on can be very calming. Pacifiers are good for that if you're regressed enough, or hard candy if that's not your thing. Deep proprioception, or weight, over your core can be calming...
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    age regression and relating to others

    I understand this feeling a lot. I also regress to feel safe, to about four or five years old. I have stuffed friends that I bring out in public with me to help me feel safer and more in control, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to use your unicorn backpack or bring your...
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    Sufferer New and Struggling

    Hi everyone, my name’s Dandelion. I’m diagnosed with PTSD, autism, ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder and persistent depressive disorder. I’ve been in therapy for a number of years, and am just starting fresh with a new therapist after leaving my old one for being a bad fit. After what feels...