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    Im going to try to hang on!

    I cant seem to grasp anything , I know what alot of you are saying , i get it when you see a therapist you learn the lingo, but I dont give two about the lingo or jargon , this is why i dont / wont go see anyone, I dont want hear fancy terms , or shit you read in psychology journals , I want...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Jody watly , mmm
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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    ive seen the "new outer limits a million times" but i keep watching them , its amazing what ideas , which were just science fiction when these came out are actually ideas that are being implemented today
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    $ versus my life

    my wife says that a lot , but the fact is , I will miss her and our dogs will miss her , her daughter will miss her . Life sucks sometimes, trust me i know , i live with what they call ptsd and any number of other clinical terms , but i know i don't want to die , even on worst day i don't , I'm...
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    What are your pet peeves ?

    im not asking for help , im asking why, why me?
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    Not able to love anyone.

    I grew up not having a clue what love was. My parents gave us everything we needed , nice home , great area , education , but I never knew what love was , partly i was gone as child in several different hospitals , , then my mother was claimed to have had MS and was gone for a good part of a...
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    Partner getting a tattoo ( one of my triggers)

    How about asking him to put it in a different location on his body ? Make sure sure to let him know why , or at least give a viable reason , if you love this guy and he loves you , maybe he'll consider holding off or moving it to a place you wont see it
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    Supporter Trying to understand

    I know how you feel Janey , because I do it to my wife , I feel bad because I'm not trying to be mean or aggressive (no i would never hit her , just my demeanor) . Its hard to explain , for me something triggered me in January(because i was good even after my accident in march) and a rapid...
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    i really do know (remember ) my Platoon member names and dont know my grand childs name , im lucky i dont say one of my ex wives names when calling my wife out
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    Quote Of The Day

    hey I resemble them foolish , hating Idiots!
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    If i dont know something how am avoiding it?

    The reason i say this is as a child , i referred to this before in little league baseball, " dont go inside the shed" , the baseball coach would tell the kids " go get the equipment ready, and wait til i get there" , ok so , i dont even remember what the coach looked liike or his name or...
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    Ashamed of how little I can do

    I know this sounds stupid but " if your not ready to be you , your not gonna be ready to be you for someone else"
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    any experience with beta blockers for fast heart rate?

    Wow, see i could tell the difference between 2 different pharm companies that made it, i even showed the pharmacist who told me because of different chemicals added, this could be why your having issues, once i was able to find the correct he knew to always get me that
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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    The last movie i watched was Candy goes to Hollywood with the Plasmatics frontwoman Wendy O. Williams