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    Itching / Attacking myself

    I found breathe work, exercise, laughter, get conscious of your negative thoughts and challenge them. You don’t deserve to manifest physical symptoms from trauma. We can change this with or without a therapist and from my experience therapists are disappointing. A rare one can connect and...
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    DID Accepting a dissociative disorder

    That is a wonderful piece. 💜 so glad you are healing and have a caring therapist. Thank you for sharing that. I relate and have great compassion for you so maybe I can have that for myself. With great hope🙏🏻 I can relate. I’m older too but I’m fighting to not give up. Having people who...
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    Dissociation and Depression?

    Partial seizures. Drs can prescribe lamictal. I finally got off of it and I am glad. It wasn’t really helping after time and who knows the side effects. I eat plant based diet gave up processed foods no additives, gluten, my cholesterol dropped to normal also. My mood is good and my energy is...
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    i'm always dissociated & numb, tips on how to break out?

    My heart goes out to you. I’m new here I can relate I can’t believe the events I’ve attended in a dissociated state. I’m there but I’m not. I’m caught in a loop right now having been triggered by my son I help out all the time but I never seem to do things exactly right, fast enough he...
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    Sufferer 64-Year-Old Starting Trauma Therapy

    I can relate to your situation in that I’m 62. I Read Pete Walkers book Complex PTSD : from surviving to thriving. I relate and it has resources. That’s how I got here. I’ve learned It all starts between birth and 7 yrs old then how it’s reinforced determines the outcome. I can never let...