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    Ptsd - curable versus treatable

    I think you should research ptsd from childhood trauma we have c-ptsd I use to work until I had been sucked down by ptsd now I can’t manage social or anything longer than once a week I’ve had multiple traumas not all abuse I also don’t like veterans being used in studies and claiming to have...
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    The ptsd cup explanation

    Cptsd and childhood survivors like myself are trained to squash stress and our emotions until it also explodes in order to survive so I guess it won’t just be military
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    Internet filter for triggering content

    I know this and I'm thankful for all that triggers I've faced but sometimes it's constant and far too much I'm paralysed at home with constant flashbacks bad thoughts etc n feeling in the past n my only reach out for normal is online where I get overloaded with further triggers having been...
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    Sufferer Abused & assaulted & misunderstood by the people around me

    You most certainly are not alone with all of this exactly how it is for me too big hugs and welcome
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    Doomed To Be Alone

    First I like to say Why is it that every time I type in google from a I suffer ptsd and I have accepted I will live with it for most of my life and this is how I try it live fully but with ptsd in the way why then does it always come back with ways for friends loved ones can cope with people...