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    I wanted to save the marriage. Now I want to GTFO ASAP

    Nice thing about Canada, specifically Alberta, is family court makes decisions solely on the best interests of the children. And if it’s anything but 50/50, the parent pushing for it needs real reasons to keep you away from the kids, otherwise the courts flag that person as hostile. No different...
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    I wanted to save the marriage. Now I want to GTFO ASAP

    I wish I could say there’s a bright side at the end. I said there’s a silver lining. I still don’t know if the woman is going to let me have the time we agreed on with my kids. I don’t know how I’m going to play nice with her when she knows that I don’t even see her as a friend now. I told her...
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    I wanted to save the marriage. Now I want to GTFO ASAP

    So I asked her. Is this why for the past month you’ve been suddenly job hunting? She said yes. I asked her, do you really have plans to not have me in their live? She said yes. Is this why every time I brought up the idea of us trying to make our schedules work so when you work, I get the kids...
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    I wanted to save the marriage. Now I want to GTFO ASAP

    Looks like it’s been the first time in almost 4 years I’ve been on this forum. I miss y’all. My last year has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Not in terms of my mind, I’ve been relatively sane, but with the actual events going on. so 2019, first time in my adult life I finally found and...
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    Grown adult scared of electricity

    Yeah speaking of pigs I’ll only eat pork or bacon if I know it wasn’t stunned. So last time I ate it, it was a ranch grown pig dispatched with a rifle. That’s why I like that there’s a halal pizza place only a couple blocks from the house :)
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    Grown adult scared of electricity

    I worked in an abattoir. The saws we used gave just a little buzz, sometimes what feels like a sharp sting. But nothing compares to the stunner 200-400 volts of AC that can fry a boar’s brain. Button was faulty and got shocked with that a few times. Then once a boar freaked out and trampled me...
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    Grown adult scared of electricity

    I didn’t have this problem 4 years ago. But I realized this was a problem when I was unplugging my drier from the wall. It’s powered by one of those dedicated high amp plugs so about 240V/shittonofamps. I was literally shaking to unplug it. So scared of getting shocked that I grabbed a dry towel...
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    News Doctor-Assisted Death For Those Living With Ptsd

    Yeah you basically go to a shrink to just bullshit sometimes. You gotta look really hard to find a T that actually does their job.... in my experience anyways.
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    News Do dreams really have meaning?

    It really depends. For the most part the dream stage of sleep is where your brain consolidates memory in the brain, so you can retain data in the future. So usually your dreams are an abstract interpretation of either a memory or a concern about the near or distant future I do think that...
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    How do you deal with people who want to fix you?

    If there’s something we may do to cope with our issues, and doesn’t hurt anyone, just let us be. Also just don’t give unsolicited life advice. That basically sums it up. If we ask, then share. And if it doesn’t concern you, then maybe you should leave it be, since it seems to work for them.
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    Poll Do Your Hands Get Cold When Dissociating?

    No but my feet do...... that’s why I wear socks
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    How do you deal with people who want to fix you?

    I fix their nose :mad: All joking aside, I leave them be. There’s no fixing trauma, only minimizing the impact and empowering yourself. And if someone wants to fix you, it’s because they don’t like something about you. Well if that’s the case you don’t deserve to be treated like that by “friends”.
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    Creepy old ladies

    That stop smiley is my new favourite thing!
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    I ve been interested in reiki for a while now. But I don’t know if there are any practitioners near where I live. I’m glad it’s helped you out
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    Other How to deal with an active shooter

    Actually if you sever an artery and you’re bleeding out, you can be unconscious in 2 seconds and dead in ten if you’re not lucky. Everything else here is bang on. Especially about helping the injured if it doesn’t put you in undue risk or harm. Some first aiders forget that if you’re dealing...