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    Does anyone else become more suicidal when they’re dissociated?

    Especially as the dissociation gets stronger
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    Other anyone know or have experience with alexathymia

    Alexithymia is a common issue, especially with trauma and dissociation. When one spends much of their time dissociated, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to recognize/name emotions. How are you doing now? I see you posted this a while back.
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    smoking weed and dissociative disorders

    I don’t usually smoke but I eat an edible a few times a week. Sometimes it helps me think. If i can get past the worst parts of myself it’s quite therapeutic. Of course it can easily spiral, too…
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    heavy dissociation

    Yes, it is just as exhausting tbh. I’m very glad to hear you haven’t had a bout like that in years, though.
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    heavy dissociation

    Dissociating pretty badly right now. When it gets like this, my body stiffens up. Moving requires a lot of effort and even rolling over in bed can wear me out. It feels smothering. I want to self-harm, cry, and fall asleep. Just so tired. My eyes seem to glaze over too. Face goes blank. If...