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    How to choose a therapist - EMDR & very effective body based therapies -or- EMDR & integrative / relational counseling

    Hi @Starlight89 Given your history, yes I would definitely choose the more experienced counsellor who is fully EMDR trained. Although the therapist in training will likely have Supervision, they aren't going to be there during your sessions, and it is your wellbeing that counts. I know what...
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    Sufferer New here, trying to reach out

    Thanks for the quick response @Survivor3 I have had this conversation with curent-T a couple of times, and she does her best to reassure me but it doesn't help. I have an inherent distrust of people and it took the best part of a year to build that trust with ex-T who died. I can't ask for...
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    Sufferer New here, trying to reach out

    Hi Just found and joined this site today, so Hi. Diagnosed with cptsd in 2017 and started therapy with a clinical psychologist. For various reasons we had to keep stopping therapy and restarting. In 2020 covid happened and everything f2f just stopped. I'd started EMDR with the psychologist but...