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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

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    Therapy hangover, anyone else? Any tips for managing them?

    Hi! After half a year of therapy where I would work on recognition of my mechanisms and ways to deal with them, I started my EMDR sessions. My therapist suggested I take the day or two off work. I didn't get to the most intense sessions yet, but already at the beginning of it, I could feel I...
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    Sufferer recently diagnosed

    Eheheeeee, you are a very funny person :D Thank you for welcoming me and my clusterf*ck :)))))
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    Sufferer recently diagnosed

    Thank you. I do compare my self to others and I see that there is no need to do so as we all not the same. The struggle is what we do share. I am determined to gain the confidence I miss so much, and you guys on here are so supportive 🥰 Thank you! It is pretty confusing how things are. You...
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    Sufferer recently diagnosed

    Hello everyone, I am 38 years old and got diagnosed with PTSD just over half a year ago. I went to my GP with a concern of perhaps having ADD as I finally figured I need to tackle the issue of struggling professionally. I found it very difficult to be in a corporate environment, network (I am a...
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    My ex partner wants to remain friends but I don't know if we should

    Hello, This is my first day on this forum and I came across your thread :) It spoke to me as I am just 2 weeks from a breakup. It was a short relationship, nevertheless, it was full of deep experiences. He needed to end it for good reasons and I had to accept it. We care about each other and...