About me has always been the most difficult question for me to answer. When you have no true identity or sense of self this question fuels low self esteem and self worth. I no longer feel that way and now I do know a little about me. I am honest, actually overly honest. I don't like commitments of any kind, I'm on my 3rd divorce however when I say I am going to do something I DO IT! I don't want to convince anyone of what I am about and I don't expect to have people listen to my words. I do not talk about it instead I am about it.
I want people to See my actions and not my words. I am a mother and I love my children. They let me know that I am capable of unconditional and true love.
Hair is my passion and one of the best things I like about it is making others feel beautiful. I get paid to do what I love and this is a gift :tup:
I've made so many mistakes in my life and others have suffer because of it. I am sorry for hurting people but I do not regret anything in my past because with out all of it exactly where it is I would not be here and now where I am today. The past challenges (BAD) pains only gave me the insight and appreciation for the things that are pretty (GOOD). I am a firm believer in cause and effect, for every action there is a reaction of positive or negative consequence. I do not believe in a coincidence.
Well that's enough about me and I hope to meet some amazing women on this site so we can help encourage and comfort one another in a way you can only get from the "safety" and "distance" of online friendships.

Ciao :cool:
August 11
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