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    who am I?

    Hi guys. I need help with a little problem. Those of you that have read my previous threads will know a little background about me but I need help with this certain issue. I don't know who iam. I know im female obviously....but I get mistaken for a guy/lesbian. I have short hair like shaved...
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    Memory issues.

    Oh my days vickster this used to be so me! If a guy was nice to me I would do everything to be with them. I wouldn't be able to see their ulterior motives. They would promise me everything,have their wicked way then throw me to the side. I kept going back again and again. I was so gullible and...
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    Memory issues.

    At the moment im not in therapy. Too scared to relive it and talk about it out loud xx
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    Memory issues.

    Hi livi. It does help to know im not going mad. I find if im having a chat with someone I will use the wrong words then have to correct myself xx Hi chicken. I think u may be right about dissociation. We had a very strange relationship. He was twice my age and controlled everything in the...
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    How do I cope with trigger noises from neighbors?

    I have the same issues with my neighbours. They are constantly slamming doors,shouting and stamping about. The boyfriend thinks hes some sort of wannabe gangster that talks like hes black. THe teenage son is always shouting and screaming. I have mentioned this to her and she says the door...
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    Memory issues.

    Hey guys. Just reaching out to find out if memory loss is normal. I suffered my trauma when I was 12 so I don't know if my brain decided that it was going to wire differently to a normal person. I read somewhere it was to do with the hippo campus (I've prob said that wrong coz all im picturing...
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    age regression and relating to others

    Hi guys. Sorry this thread maybe a bit long and a bit confusing but stay with me and I promise I will get to the point. I was diagnosed with ptsd 25 years ago. I find age regression really helps. Im 37 years old and my room is pink and full of unicorns,soft toys and Disney princess. I feel...