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    DID Just life with DID

    Oh, I was totally like this. And worse. I had an insider that drove us to a city 6 hours away and then let me take over again. LOL What I mean is that I didn't make integration my end goal; doing that made me hyperfocused on that. I suspect most. if not all, of my insiders have integrated. I...
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    Dissociation and Driving

    Hi @WhereIsMyTribe and welcome! Are you seeing a therapist? It sounds like you've had some experiences that would make driving scary. That happened to me once. My best friend, her husband, and their child were killed in a car accident. It was in the rain, and they were crushed by those steel...
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    DID Just life with DID

    So many things I could talk about in your post, @prynne, but I'm going to reply to this one-- I don't think there is any one answer to this. The first therapist I saw (I have DID) was absolutely insistent that we work toward that. His belief was that no one could fully heal unless they were...
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    Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

    Oh yeah. I do this. I have 7 on my Goodreads account right now.
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    Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

    The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama
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    Overwhelmed and burnt out

    Oh, I know how hard just this can be! I had two cats with lymphoma, and during that time, had such a hard time sleeping and just managing every day! Wondering if it's possible to get nursing or hospice care and help for him while you are home? Or for at least a day or two so you can get a break?
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    Overwhelmed and burnt out

    Oh, @JulieG, I'm so sorry. You are just going through so much. I know when I am going through a lot and feeling very overwhelmed, I have to remind myself to just take one thing at a time. Turn off your phone for an hour (or 30 minutes) to get a break from the calls. Try to remember what has...
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Leftover pizza and diet Mt. Dew.
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    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    Watched the limited series "Keep Breathing" yesterday.
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    Poll Favorite self-help resources

    Thank you, @Teasel! I will check out the Russ Harris website! The primary focus of my book is the impermanence of depression (funny, when written from the viewpoint of someone who has dealt with it for decades). Really, though, I think when we think about depression, we see it as a years-long...
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    Poll Favorite self-help resources

    I am writing a self-help book on depression and have included an extensive resource list at the end. The book is near completion, and I just wanted to get a sense for the types of resources you like to use. If you have specific ones that you just love, I'd also like to hear about those!
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    Problems in Group Therapy

    I'm very sorry you are feeling unsafe in a place that is supposed to be safe. I would definitely file a formal, WRITTEN complaint! I know you directed this to someone else, but I want to comment because *I* have had to deal with the violence of men all my life and I initially also thought it...
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    I am tired and no therapist understand me

    Oh yes. I understand. Leaving is not easy. And no matter what is wrong with your mom, she is your mom. This is not as easy as some therapists make it seem. And sometimes, there are other things that contribute to how we feel. Sometimes, there are physical issues that have to be addressed in a...
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    Do you share social media stuff with your therapist?

    I can't imagine that my T would care about anything I do on social media.
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    Not Ok

    I appreciate your response. I'm not exactly sure if I understand what you're saying - I don't SI, and I've committed (in my head, anyway) to life. That is, I'm here for the duration. That's not really the issue. Yeah, I already did that a couple of years ago. I think it actually made it worse...