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    therapist gone for 5 weeks

    The thing is, depending on his case load many of his clients may be absolutely fine with it - not all therapist have a trauma heavy case load and not all have lots of longer term clients. It isn’t working for you, which is worth talking through with you - he may not be able to provide the...
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    Side effects zoloft - what happens in the body?

    I take Zoloft for anxiety - side effects for me include hot flushes and fatigue but I can cope with those because the medication has really helped my anxiety. I don’t feel zombie like at all though - just a bit tired. Could your dose be too high?
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    Should i insist on an antidepressant? and which?

    With SSRIs you need to be prepared to hang in with some less than pleasant side effects for a couple of weeks - my doctor and I agreed between us the point at which I’d ask for a change (for me very suicidal ideation or mania wouldn’t be ok, but nausea, headache, fatigue would be manageable). By...
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    Should i insist on an antidepressant? and which?

    I recently started on a pretty low dose SSRI mainly for anxiety, the early side effects weren’t fun (feeling physically anxious, hot flushes, fatigue) but they’ve passed pretty much after 4 weeks. I’ve noticed I’m much more resilient, less reactive and calmer - it’s like they give me time to...
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    Other Ptsd from bad trip - the psychological implosion that caused my ptsd

    I would be wary of deciding on misdiagnosis based on what random people on the internet tell you. In exactly the same way as I would be wary of diagnosis based on what random people on the internet tell you. From what you’ve said, you meet two exclusion criteria but no one here knows your...
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    Why all the emdr and art bashing?

    If people are posting their experiences of therapy, positive or negative why would it bother you?
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    Questions about my therapist who sees no pathology in me & tells me i’m doing great

    Any decent therapist would see through this - humour and laughter are very common defences to difficult emotions and I’d expect a T to at very least notice the gap between what you’re talking about and the way you’re talking about it. I think it’s a good idea to get a formal assessment in a face...
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    Deciding between two therapists

    My T specialises in trauma, but she doesn’t offer the PTSD alphabet of therapies either - but she has been amazing, the reason I’m as functional as I am is down to her knowledge and insight. Regardless of modality, research shows over and over again that the therapeutic relationship is the...
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    Deciding between two therapists

    Tbh I would stick with T1 if you’ve got a good relationship. T2 sounds a bit hapless and really there are lots of resources for grounding and distress tolerance, you really don’t need a T to teach you that - your time and money is better spent with your T making sure your coping strategies are...
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    Questions about my therapist who sees no pathology in me & tells me i’m doing great

    I don’t oftrn jump on the “need a new therapist” bandwagon but in this case I’d suggest you find someone else - do look for someone with experience and training in working with trauma (depending on where you are there may not be a “trauma therapist” specialty as such).
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    What is trauma therapy?

    Trauma therapy encompasses a range of different therapies which are shown to be effective in PTSD and therapists who have a specialism in trauma. For example trauma focussed CBT, DBT, Somatic experiencing, EMDR, IFS all have varying evidence base for supporting recovery from PTSD. Very often...
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    Without this forum, i would....

    Without this forum I would have continued to blame myself for my reactions to situations that are trauma responses that I didn’t recognise as such. Without this forum I would never have found the space and support to recover. Without this forum I would be much less informed about trauma, PTSD...
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    Prozac/fluoxetine vs other ssris for ptsd

    The thing with SSRIs are that initially the side effects mirror the symptoms and can make them feel much worse - eg increased feelings of anxiety, increased physical symptoms and some extras thrown in for good measure. It’s woryh knowing so that if you do go down that road, you know go take...
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    Called my therapist a 'stupid motherf*cker' today...would you?

    @Sophy i don’t understand your assertion that the assistant manager is triggered by @Stephernovas. The boundaries they are trying to set are far from weird or aggressive and, holding a management role, I assume it’s part of their job to uphold standards. We also don’t know that all the rest of...
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    Called my therapist a 'stupid motherf*cker' today...would you?

    Yep, I agree but you seem to have an issue with the one person in the team who seems to be trying to maintain appropriate boundaries. The staff have dealt with you very poorly, I suspect from a place of wanting to be friendly, liking you and knowing a colleague can vouch for you, ie that...
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    Called my therapist a 'stupid motherf*cker' today...would you?

    I think that’s the crux of it, you weren’t in a rational state of mind. I wouldn’t expect admin staff to talk to you about concerns for exactly that reason. They don’t know how you’ll react and frankly aren’t paid enough to deal with whatever the fall out might be. The person you describe as...
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    How succesful are you in your career?

    I don’t tell people I work with about trauma, PTSD etc, the suppprt systems I have in place professionally are for my working life - the work I do means I need strong, supportive relationships to cope with the demands of the job. I have some friends who know what goes on for me personally and...
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    Dom Violence Powerful hashtag

    Do you have evidence for this? In England and Wales two women every week are murdered by their male partner/ex partner, add in Scotland and Northern Ireland and the figures increase. Those stats literally haven’t changes in the time I’ve been working in this field, so approximately 20 years...
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    Partner regularly forgets triggers... what do i do?

    I guess though if he’s getting drunk he won’t be thinking about your well-being, he’s busy getting drunk and by the time he’s on the way, he isn’t thinking of you. I agree completely with @Friday - it’s our job to manage our own triggers. That’s not a very popular view on the boards here but...
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    Partner regularly forgets triggers... what do i do?

    To be honest, someone who is extremely drunk can be deeply unpleasant - there’s a huge difference between someone having a couple of drink socially or to relax and being extremely drunk in my mind. If he’s drinking to that extent regularly there may be an underlying issue around his use of...
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    How succesful are you in your career?

    Work is a hugely stabilising influence for me - it gives me routine, focus and helps me feel worthwhile. I’m considered successful in my chosen career, I’m financially stable and my work life has been stable for the past few years. It’s not always been like that and I do have a good system of...
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    Scared of my new home.

    You’ve undergone a huge change, one of the most stressful things a person can do is move house, and changing jobs is up there too so I’m not surprised you’re feeling the emotional brunt now that you’re in your new place. Can you see the lack of feeling safe as just being part of the process...
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    Medical Creating awareness of ptsd in medical field

    I think the difficulty is that no two people with PTSD are impacted in the same way, so it’s always going to come down to us each asking for what we need. By way of example, the situation you describe would have been totally fine for me so a guide that says “people with PTSD struggle with...
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    Dom Violence Remaining silent

    Can you say a bit more please, I think breaking silence is a very hard thing with many consequences but I’m not sure what you’d like folk to discuss?
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    It’s okay not to be okay...

    I’ve sent my T an “I said I’m ok, but I don’t think I am actually ok” text before. I wasn’t sure what I needed other than the connection that comes from someone else knowing that I was struggling and why. My T responded by checking the supports I had around me and offering to see me within the...