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    Finding the Confidence & Motivation to Work Full-time

    I too work full time and am going through a restructure of my job. I had to interview 6 times for my same job as everyone had to re-bid their jobs and interview with the panel. I am still waiting the results of the interviews. I was a complete wreck during the interviews and did the best I...
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    Nice To Find a Place Like This - Physically and Emotionally Abused

    Welcome aboard Jeff! I too can understand what you have gone through since my teenage years into my twenties were filled with abuse, self hatred, and major depression. I masked it well until a year ago and since then have also began to heal with counseling. My advise is to read as many post...
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    Feeling Panic Stricken Today

    My heart goes out to you. I am in the same type of situation. I refuse to cry while I am at work but am getting close. Keep your mind on your work and get through the day. I plan on letting out a good cry when I get home today. I already warned my family I need me time when I get home...
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    Need Help With New Medication - Seroquel

    I am currently on seroquel. It has not helped with the sleep as of yet but when I was on this drug last year it made me tired but still very functionable. Keep track of what you feel and talk to you pdoc if you notice anything other than being tired. That was what I was told to watch for...
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    Finding a Mate - Need a Girlfriend

    Church may sound corny but it works. That is where I met my wife of 12+ years. We started off as friends and then started dating. I wanted to marry her the first day I met her. She is more than my wife she is also my BEST friend. Don't knock it until you have tried it. I would start out...
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    Disassociation Episodes

    Thank you to all who have responded. I went out and read the thread that was already out there and have gotten some good ideas. My therapist called back and we talked about things and he tried to encourage me to go to the hospital for a more indept interview since he was leaving work. I told...
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    Disassociation Episodes

    No I have not heard from my therapist yet. Things are getting a little more out of control for me. This is a pain in Arsse to have to deal with. I am surprised at how you are the only one to respond to this post. I was told htis is common among PTSD sufferers. What have you done to get over...
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    Disassociation Episodes

    Does any one have any suggestions on how to handle disassotiatvie episodes. I have been able to tell myself that this is temporary and will go away as my stress goes down. But last night I found myself driving my van with out being conscious of what i was doing. As I woke I up I turned around...
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    What Is Your Favourite Movie?

    My favorites are Braveheart, Pay it forward, Ghost, Fried Green Tomatoes
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    List Your Joke, Funny Caption To Brighten Ptsd

    Sorry the last part must have been deleted. The is YOU have MALE!!! Sorry for not catching this earlier.
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    List Your Joke, Funny Caption To Brighten Ptsd

    A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?" The father answers: "Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We...
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    Nugget Vs. Hospital

    Be there for him with out smothering him. He is going to need to take it at his own pace. I remember the first days out of the hospital for me was a hugh challenge. My wife was there but let me deal with things on my own until she felt she had to intervene. I was not grateful at the time but...
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    Abilify - A Tranquilizer For Use With PTSD

    I have been on Abilify now for 4 - 5 months and have the stomach pains and some fidgityness. They are looking at increasing the dosage to take away the nightmares and psychotic episodes. I suffer from Complex PTSD from being sexually abused as a youth. I have had psychotic events of carrying...
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    Best Cop Shows On TV

    My favorites now are Criminal Minds and With out a Trace.:jerk:
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    Complex PTSD

    I was told by my therapist that I suffer from Complex PTSD. Can anyone give me a idea what the difference between complex PTSD and regular PTSD? I think it has to do with the onset of symptoms years after the abuse has taken place. Any advise or words of wisdom would be appreciated.:hit-boss:
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    Poll Does Prescription Medication Help Your PTSD?

    I have been put on Abilify to help with depression and a choice of Remeron or Trazadone for sleep. They seem to be helping with out making feel tired all the time. Have run into issues with depression becoming a bit more strong but I am trying to work my way through it with help of my...
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    Abilify - A Tranquilizer For Use With PTSD

    Has anyone been put on Abilify before? Just curious on how others have reacted.:dontknow:
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    Should I Wake Him up During The Nightmare?

    BE careful if you decide to wake him up. My wife has waken me up when I was having a nightmare and I almost hit her. I did end up grabbing her and I started choking her. I would suggest talking to him about the nightmare and find out what is happening. This could save you from something...
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    Scared to Move On

    I am going to see my therapist tomorrow and am contemplating asking him if we can start dealing with the issues. I will be in my last behaviour therapy group session today that the next step meets at a time that is not conveinant for me. WE put off getting into the nitty gritty parts of my...
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    Alphabet Game - Lets Play

    "You Bobo and Rocky need to clean up this Marmelade and get back to the Zoo". cried the police. "Duck Tracy what are you doing here? Are you part of this disaster?"
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    So What Are You Craving?

    I am craving General Tsao's Chicken, followed by a extra thick chocolate shake.
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    Alphabet Game - Lets Play

    Rocky the rhino was running down the street screaming for Bobo to move the police are on their way
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    Alphabet Game - Lets Play

    "Look isn't that Fred standing over at the Ice cream truck?" begged Charlie
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    Alphabet Game - Lets Play

    "Keep a close look out for them." said Charlie. They must be around here somewhere.
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    How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

    Having a Shitty week. Mood swings on a dime. Feeling very depressed and had thought of suicide. I know that is not the answer and had talked to my therapist yesterday and have Dialectical behavioral therapy today and then my psychiatrist tomorrow. I am making all of them aware of my state of...