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    What Made You Angry Today?

    Yes. I felt angry and frustrated about this, today; it's very frustrating and hurtful to have my only adult sibling gaslight me, exactly the way my parents do. I'd hoped that he'd turn out differently from them, but it's hurtful and sad that he doesn't see, and refuses to see, how they've...
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    Not for men only - a place to discuss men's trauma issues (comments welcomed from all)

    I just wanted to say my brother and I grew up being physically and emotionally abused by a female relative, not only a male relative, so I grew up aware that males are also abused by women. He felt triggered and upset that the #MeToo movement seemed to only talk about women, in his opinion (I...
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    What Do You Need In This Moment?

    In this moment, I feel like I need to remind myself that I'm not alone; it really hurts that my only sibling seems to have inherited my parents' narcissism: taking his job frustration out on me, swearing at me, and saying that he doesn't care about my career goals, only because I asked him a...
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    How do you deal with intrusive thoughts?

    Yeah. I also was skeptical that mindfulness breathing exercises might help me, too, but it trying it out for a bit actually helped. Exercising has helped me, too, which is more my preferred method of trying to relax, get rid of anxiety, endorphins to improve my mood, etc.; like mindfulness...
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    News Vet and service dog asked to leave restaurant

    That's interesting. According to the article, the restaurant owner will be educating his employees about service dogs and hosting a workshop.
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    Sexual Assault Constantly scared - feel like every man i see wants to stalk me and hurt me

    Plus, it also helped me to remind myself that other women have to do things alone, sometimes, in public, like chores or going to work, etc.
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    Sexual Assault Constantly scared - feel like every man i see wants to stalk me and hurt me

    :) Basically, it does get easier, the more you do it and gain more confidence as you realize each time that, "Hey! No one attacked/harassed me while I was out, today!" As another tip, have cashiers or strangers ever complimented you? Well, perhaps it might help you to think of them when you're...
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    Sexual Assault Constantly scared - feel like every man i see wants to stalk me and hurt me

    I forgot to mention that, yes, I occasionally experienced kids and teens laughing and shouting at me from yards as I jogged past or rode by bicycle, or from passing vehicles, and did have perhaps a couple of males approach me (one was polite, asking for directions, while the other just wanted to...
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    Sexual Assault Constantly scared - feel like every man i see wants to stalk me and hurt me

    Hello. Do you have a friend who could exercise with you? I've seen other women do that: exercise either with a friend or spouse. I don't have anyone who's willing to exercise with me, so, despite feeling anxious around people, I've done it for years. I used to be a lot more scared and anxious...
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    News Intergenerational trauma evident in offspring caring for holocaust survivor parents

    From the article: I wonder whether the difference between some Holocaust familes' resilience might be due to wealth, college educational opportunities, etc. (i.e. that those descendants who went to college improved their economic standing, and, as a result, their mental health, whereas those...
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    News Intergenerational trauma evident in offspring caring for holocaust survivor parents

    Thank you for the research article! I'm glad there finally was a study; I tried mentioning how it affected my relatives and how they parented me, but others (I think young people who didn't understand what I was trying to say or who don't have that type of family history) didn't seem to...
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    No sympathy for ppl like me

    Well, I feel others here are doing the right thing by sharing their abuse stories, which is making an effort to reach out to others for help, rather than just doing what my relatives did: taking their childhood abuse out on their children or spouse; putting the burden of their past hurt onto...
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    Childhood Being hit with a hair brush-abuse?

    Children who didn't grow up abused really go further in life: they're more social, have more friends, were able to focus on school (rather than having to focus on trying to cure their depression, brought on by their parents' emotional problems and abusive behavior). I can't help but be envious...
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    Childhood Being hit with a hair brush-abuse?

    Hello. I hope this helps. Abuse There also are several research studies that have been done on children who were abused, revealing that, as adults, children who were hit developed psychological and relationship problems. I knew being hit was wrong because I saw criminal T.V. shows and movies...
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    Supporter I want to socialize in a relatable environment

    Your story reminded me of my parents, a bit, except mine never sought treatment from their abusive childhoods, their marital discord, nor their physical abuse behavior. I hope your kids are okay; it's not easy or fun to watch your parents constantly bicker, physically assault and swear at each...
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    Narcissistic personality disorder and ptsd

    Hi. If you're interested, I found an article that explained the differences between the two. Don't Confuse PTSD Sufferers with Narcissistic at PTSD and Relationships Website Just to let everyone know (because I'm aware of the possibility that the website's title in the link might sound a...
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    Sexual orientation and traumas -- a place to share your struggle with sexuality

    I'm asexual, which I've mentioned in other posts. Thinking about my childhood, it felt confusing: I'd occasionally develop silly crushes/infatuations in elementary and middle school, but then, when I was older, I think I subconsciously had infatuations about one teacher and a few older, male...
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    Parent expects to be parented

    Hi. Yes. Have you looked up Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to see whether it sounds similar to what you're going through? If it is, there are also articles written by therapists/psychologists that give advice on how children/adult children can help protect themselves while dealing with their...
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    How many have/had a mentally ill parent growing up?

    Gosh, yes. I don't exactly know which personality disorder my parents have, because they've never gone to the hospital for it, but reading therapists' articles that explain what it's like for children to live with parents who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder--it sounded as though they were...
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    Relationship Can we talk about cognitive distortion?

    I forgot to mention that, sometimes, whenever my sibling and I would try this, it would only infuriate our abusers even more because they'd take it personally, as a sign that we weren't listening to what they were saying (blaming and criticizing,) so they would physically grab us (and physically...
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    Relationship Can we talk about cognitive distortion?

    Then, after not being in their angry moods, they'd suddenly buy my sibling and me gifts, food, etc., acting as though they suddenly care about us. But then they, especially my mother, would suddenly be back into an abusive mood and repeat all the horrible, abusive things they'd say or do, as...
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    Relationship Can we talk about cognitive distortion?

    While growing up, I tried to calm my abusers down whenever they would have these cognitive distortions. I felt I had to confront them and try to defend myself and help them understand that their accusations weren't the truth because whenever I didn't (and even when I did), they would continue...
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    The Rapist Gets Released This Year

    That's good news. While I was reading your original post I thought, "Oh no. That's terrible." So, thanks for the update!
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    Childhood Talking with siblings who were also abused

    Yes. I've talked with mine about the stuff we went through; I was surprised that he didn't appear to remember all the times he was hit, that I'd sometimes witness him receiving, perhaps because he was young when it'd happened to him, or perhaps his mind has blocked those memories. But he does...
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    Sexual Assault 20/20 interviews-larry nassar assaults

    At first I didn't watch any video clips or read anything about the case, because I wasn't sure whether it might trigger me with my own flashbacks (because I've discovered that, sometimes, cases/articles still affect me like that,) but now I finally have; I'm glad I did because hearing the...