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    News America's Child Death Shame

    Well, the USA is not going towards socialist practice any time soon as far as I can tell. It is not for lack of understanding or knowledge of what socialism entails. I appreciate the criticism of our governmental system, but that does not give us Americans practical solutions regarding...
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    News Nearly 20% Of Women In Us Are Raped Or Suffer Attempted Rape In Their Life Time

    I was gang raped when I was 9 by four males (2 of whom were forced on me.) The leader and his brother never served any time, and are living a life free and clear, married, with children of their own. I have huge therapy and medical bills and am unable to have children. My current medical...
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    News Nearly 20% Of Women In Us Are Raped Or Suffer Attempted Rape In Their Life Time

    RAINN . org reports a shocking statistic. 15/16 offenders do not serve any jail time. The web site has many more statistics, but this is the one that stands out for me.
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    Sufferer Of Course It's Not Ptsd! I'm Just Insensitive.

    Hello Liam. Glad you are on the forums. Even if you are not getting complete validation and support from these folks, maybe it's ok? Being homeless is very, very hard, and will not allow you a place to be secure. People here know what PTSD is, and can validate your experiences. We know what it...
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    News America's Child Death Shame

    I had an opportunity to work at an inner city child care center for a while. This program focused on attachment relationship and sensory integration practices to help manage emotions and stress. I really believe that child care center in particular was saving some of our kids. I wish there were...
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    News America's Child Death Shame

    A healthy, well-developed non-violent person develops the part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex by the time they are 22ish. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that is responsible for empathy, long term planning, and morals. If a child does not have a positive attachment...
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    Is X-box Really That Bad?

    I am a gamer. (MMO, not XBOX) While I am not sure I would use the word "addiction" I am 100% positive that people can use the video games to escape from reality, get hooked on the "achievements" the video games have set up in game, and build another world for themselves that has nothing to do...
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    Bum Wiping & Wet One's Aka Moist Towelette's

    Thank god for this thread. I laughed so hard. Poop humor always helps. Oddly enough, this topic came up in other places today, too. How silly is that? Moist towlette synchronicites. ROFLOL.
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    Hatred Of Society After Rape... Please Help.

    I have refrained from commenting on the bit about "what did you do" in Little Bear's post because it made me too enraged. I hope as we move forward that ignorance will be healed. We have a long way to go. People are still stoning rape victims for adultery in some parts of the world.
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    Random People Trying To Push You To 'forgive'

    Freak, your understandable outrage reminds me why I cut them out of my life. I get very sad and painfully lonely, but the outrage and crazy making is GONE. Sometimes I feel guilty, but I remember how insane they made me, how much they betrayed me, hurt me, shamed me. In my heart I know that...
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    Could it be body memory related?
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    Body Memory? Not Sure

    Trust yourself - your body remembers everything.
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    Hatred Of Society After Rape... Please Help.

    Hello FullofWorry. I want to post in solidarity with your experience, but I am having trouble because I am getting flooded. Welcome to the forums, and I wish you healing.
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    Woof!!! Anxiety Kicking In Big Time!

    Sorry to hear Little Bear. Can you hang on to a pillow or something? Rock your body back and forth? It will pass. No, that knowledge doesn't help ease the pain.
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    Sufferer I Feel Like A Slow Healer

    Hi bluebeam! Sometimes all I can do is go on hope, and I am never sure that there will be an end to my pain and suffering. I hear you! I like your avatar. Makes me think of an alien spaceship. What is it? I found more hope here in the forum, and may you as well. :)
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    Brain Wave Alpha/delta/theta?

    You know, I tried a few recordings of sublimial positive affirmation a long time ago. My response was very strange - I got very, very uncomfortable, even angry, listening to the tapes. It's so counter-intuitive. The messages were exactly what I needed to hear, but it felt like exposure therapy...
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    Brain Wave Alpha/delta/theta?

    Phoenix - This is great. Thank you so much. That's exactly what I was wondering. After reading your reply, it occurred to me what I originally was hoping for was a way to affect change in my neural pathways that was passive. LOL. "Here, put on these headphones and it will all go away; you will...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    (((angelamarie))) I know those days well. Hang in there.
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I just got my Christmas present early - a bike! And, I went out for a little (wobbly) ride today. I have not been on a bike in 30+ years, and for the past 6 years there were months in a row when I couldn't even leave the house because I was physically ill. I feel a little triumphant - trauma and...
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    Poll Has PTSD Caused You To Attempt Suicide?

    I have wanted to die and be rid of this life for decades, but I never made any attempt.
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    Comfort - What Works For You?

    When it is really bad, I nest under the covers. Sometimes I listen to sacred music. Or, I pray rosaries. It depends on how functional I am. When I was at my worst, I lit candles in a cathedral near where I live. There happened to be a Shrine of Saint Jude there. (patron saint of desperate and...
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    Our Pets

    Animals have saved my life on more than one occasion. I have a dog now, who is with me all the time. <--- that's him zonked out on the bed. Will post a pic of him in his new boots after I upload them. (He has bad allergies.)
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    Sufferer Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse , Violent Partner And More!

    Hello Phoenix_Rising. Welcome to the forum pages.
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    Brain Wave Alpha/delta/theta?

    Hi everyone - Has anyone tried using a machine or recording that helps the brain enter different states using delta, alpha, or theta wave sounds? I am not too familiar with this, but I saw a clock online that has this function. I would love to hear about anyone's experiences with this type of...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I am feeling worn down today. Doing work with the heavy trauma I experienced as a toddler is so frustrating. That very young part of me accuses everyone, trusts no one, and would like to incinerate some certain people with laser beams from her eyeballs. It's an intolerable place for me to...