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    Yet Again US A10s Attack Brit Soldiers

    My final reply It seems to me that when I came to this forum it was said that there would be no racialy motivated or hostile threads twards any race or nation. That is why this will be my final post on this forum. It has become aparent that that is the rule, with the minore exception of the...
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    Yet Again US A10s Attack Brit Soldiers

    I guess that we are all in agrement than that officers should spend time as enlisted before going to Officer Candidate Scool as it is termed in the US. OCS is mandetory upon entry no mater if they went to the acedemy or not. How ever I think that they need more than a year, I like 3-4 myself...
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    Yet Again US A10s Attack Brit Soldiers

    Anthony "Those guys" ARE regular U.S. Army! The only diference in the 82nd and any other Army unit, Except spec ops, is that they jump from airplanes. I know from first hand experiance. I was in the 82nd for a while. All the worlds forces have idiots in leadership positions. I have a friend who...
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    Deeper Acceptance and Understanding - I've Had PTSD All Along

    Hope, You have no idea how good it feels to read something that you wrote that is so posative. I almost cryed as I read this. It sounds as though you have already beat a few of the obstacles on your course. Good job! Unfortunately there are lows in your future, BUT it seems that you...
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    Good Memories / Happy Times... They Need to be Remembered, Too

    Marlene, Thank you for this thread it has helped me alot. I don't have but a few good memories thathaven't been ruined by a nother event shortly after. I am glad to see that so many of you do though, I guess it gives me hope for the future. Maybe one day I'll have more to put here but...
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    Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These - Car Accidents

    Sometimes I'd like to slap mom. specialy on days like that.
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    I Am Like Scared Shitless To Click That Live Chat Button

    Wish I could have been there! Great to hear that you did it Hope! Speaking of hope I hope you feel better soon veiled. Thanks for encouraging or friend to try something new. Once again great job!
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    Deeper Acceptance and Understanding - I've Had PTSD All Along

    Your Fight has Begun Hope, Hope is such a powerful thing and so fitting right now. It is what has kept all of us going at some point or another. Whether sufferer, spouse or other concerned loved one of the sufferer. How befitting. Hold on to that name it will deliver to you power, if you...
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    Military My Story - Ptsd From Military Operations

    I am willing to chat, PM, or E-Mail in order to talk more if and when you like. We(those of us on the forum) can help each other I believe almost as much as our individual therapist, psycologist, or who ever we see. That is why I have convinced myself to share as much as I can. I do believe...
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    Need Advice With Nightmares Please

    Veiled is correct. She has helped me with several things that it appears this young lady has figured out how to do on her own, that is a down right impresive thing. So in short, yes this is GOOD.
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    Batgirl/Evie in Hospital

    Jim, Remind Evie that we all miss her and are thinking of her constantly. Also I would seriosly push for the in home health care being provided by the hospital. You could remind them that it would be less exspensive than a suit. Thats about the only thing these people understand any more.
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    Jekyl and Hyde - Lost Within Myself

    juls, I can say that I know what you are talking about. When I started to read this I was wondering who that I know was on the forum using that screen name. Kind of eary realy how simmular our(we with PTSD) simptoms are.
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    MSN Hacked - If You Got a Nasty Message, It Wasn't Me

    Sorry to hear this bec. Things like this can cause all sorts of problems with family, and the few friends that we with PTSD tend to have. I hope things get better.
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    Military My Story - Ptsd From Military Operations

    I know what you mean worked with some SAS good lot. My class staarted 347 and graduated 139. Most spec ops training works uot about the same alot try and a few make it. I found alot of it to be mind games to see if you could do what you needed when the stress was at its worse. Hope the SBS...
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    Hangover Cures

    Drank plenty for three people never had a hangover so no idea of what everyone cryes and whines about.
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    Batgirl/Evie in Hospital

    Jim, Thank you, I know that we all appreciate your updates. We all miss Evie and are hopeing for the best.
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    Need Advice With Nightmares Please

    Sintra, Yes I have had nightmares in series on to many ocasions to count I can tell you that I wouln't wish that sort of thing on any one. It is a somewhat common ocurance. Thank you, Ranger
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    Need Advice With Nightmares Please

    Dealing with that bump in the night. :think: I am afraid that most of us here have these same issues. Getting completely rid of the intusive thoughts, nightmares, and restless sleep when one can get some sleep is some what of an individual thing. Some and when I say that, a large percent...
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    Military My Story - Ptsd From Military Operations

    I have been asked on several ocasions about my story and I guess it's about time for me to do this. I have attached it for any and all to read. Especialy going on hope this is to prove you aren't the only person to do some pretty horrid things during our life times. < added by anthony: I have...
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    Batgirl/Evie in Hospital

    THANK YOU brian for the information, she is very well liked and respected here by many. My wife (wildcritter), my daughter (firefighterchic) and I, are sending our best for Evie and family.
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    Cooking - Lets Share Favourite Recipes

    Cast iron any one? This is great camp food. I like cooking on an open fire with cast iron Dutch Ovens. This one always pleases, and is easy. 1 Yellow onion cut up 1/2 pound bacon cut into bite size pieces 1/2 pound ground breakfast sausage 12 beat eggs 1/2 each green and red bell peper cut up...
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    Using Quotes Within Your Posts

    I haven't as yet tried to use it but would like to and don't know how.can you plesase give some directions for us not so computer litterate types? Thanks
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    My Friends Checkin - How Is Everyone?

    Hey Terry how are ya, doing better lately.
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    Not Sure What To Do - Parent Suffers PTSD and Depression

    Your parents are extreamly lucky to have some one who cares for them so much. All I can say is that perfection is a good goal as long as you realize that it is unatainable, and that it's mearly a dream to strive for. If your parents are at all reasonable they already know that, and only expect...
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    Stupid Question ? Why Do Some Get PTSD, And Others Not?

    If I understood corectly when I was researching the paper that wildcritter mentioned, I found that it is not a physical thing that is responsable as the change people are mentioning has taken place in all cases of PTSD. Yes it can be seen on an MRI but that is as a resault of this change having...