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    The fourteen day challenge

    Deb, this thread is such a good idea.:)
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    We Don't Get Better Do We?

    Been over a year since I last posted on this thread, and I'm grateful to be able to say that I'm still symptom free so far.:) I'm also better than where I was last year, I feel so much more in control over my feelings, and no longer allow myself to be so affected emotionally by others or my own...
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    No-one Understands

    This is a pattern of behavior, and again, this can be changed. Thoughts may subconsciously creep in, but just as you can change the channel on the tv you can change your thoughts. If the negative thoughts creep in, you could try to recognize what they are, thank them for sharing, and then...
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    Emdr Worked!!!!

    Sorry I'm so late to the party, this is wonderful Iam, I am so happy for you!!:) :tup: :inlove: I think it's great that there are so many different techniques out there to try that can help lead us to healing. This whole thread is really inspirational, it shows what's possible, how hard work...
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    No-one Understands

    It's been over twelve years since I was diagnosed with PTSD, however I've been completely symptom free for a year and about 8 months, it's like I don't have it anymore, I think about my past and have no issues with any of it anymore. I think it's possible to feel better and heal. If it scares...
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    No-one Understands

    (((Megan))) I'm sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you. Reading through some of your posts it seems you've gotten yourself into a really negative pattern of thinking. When we focus so much on the negative things in our lives, I think it can seem like that's all that exists. It...
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    Do Our Lives Have A Purpose?

    Great post James!:)
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    I Just Spent 8 Days In The Psych Ward

    (((Heather))), missed you around the forum, glad you're back and feeling a little better, hopefully with some time, meds, etc. you can feel even better. I agree with ITL, try to take good care of yourself, sending good thoughts and hugs. :)
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    Stuck Without Hot Water, Vent

    Sounds like things are working themselves out, and bonus you got memberships to the Y. :)
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    Stuck Without Hot Water, Vent

    Oh it's so not fun and frustrating when things like this happen, sorry you have to deal with this. What about warming pots of water up on the stove, bring it to the shower ( may need something under the hot pot) use a cup and pour it over your body? Or if you have a bathtub, even better because...
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    Getting Close To Someone?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, yes things got better, and yes it is so worth it, just ask my amazing husband of 7 yrs, we are still so much in love and I met him 2 years after my trauma and after I was diagnosed with having PTSD. He has been with me through a lot of struggles and...
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    Too Damaged?

    "Who would anyone choose to be unhappy over being happy?" I think that is a great question, I'm not sure we are always consciously aware of our choice. I also believe there are benefits to negative attitudes and feelings. For example (I could be way off here) maybe the impending feeling of the...
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    Stuck In The Year Before Your Trauma?

    It makes sense to me and the fear of getting to the middle is understandable. Were you really starting from nothing though? You lived your life before you got to nothing, you lived your life when you got to the middle of things and experienced your unfortunate trauma, and your still living...
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    Too Damaged?

    I think it's an illusion that happiness is based on our circumstances, I think it's something we can choose to feel at anytime regardless of our circumstances. Even someone who is dying can choose to feel love and happiness or despair and fear up to their last breath. What is it about the pain...
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    Goodbye Suki

    (((Hugs))) I'm so sorry you have found yourself in such a difficult situation, wishing you much strength and hope at the vet.
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    Happy Birthday Albatross

    Happy Birthday Albatross, I hope you have a good one. :)
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    100 Things You Like About Yourself

    How did I miss such a great thread? :) 1. I love to laugh. 2. I like my smile, honestly I think it can light up a room at times. 3. I'm very caring with others and animals 4. I'm very sensitive, which means I can tune into myself well and feel joy and love deeply. 5. I have a musical ear, I can...
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    Sammy, I'm so sorry for your loss, may the good memories of past shared moments with Annie comfort you during this difficult time.
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    Sick Of Setbacks, Does God Hate You Too?

    Maybe it's a personal belief you have that you've proved to be true for yourself because of your experiences with this happening in the past? Our perception is usually our reality. Are you doing the same things and expecting a different out come? Thinking the same thoughts? Anticipating the...
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    Fed Up With The Rollercoaster Of Emotion

    I'm also gonna send you some (((hugs))) KP. I agree with ITL it can hurt so much when people just want to end a relationship for unknown reasons, specially if you were close and shared personal stuff. As far as the fear that they might share any personal information with someone else, someone...
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    What Are You Thankful For?

    I am thankful for another day sunny beautiful day.:) I am thankful that my father in law is ok and will heal completely with a little time, after a home improvement accident. I am always thankful for my very supportive and loving husband. I am always thankful for my furkids (dogs). I am thankful...
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    Job Interview Coming Up - Stress Levels Rising

    I agree with Ron, try not to focus on the negative what if's, focus on having a good interview, visualize getting the job and starting it, get as detailed as you can. Hopefully by focusing and anticipating a positive outcome your fears and nerves can be calmed a little. :) My other interview...
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    Art, Painting, Drawing - Share Yours

    Iam, thanks for sharing, wow you certainly have artistic talent, those sketches are great. I agree that you should consider taking some life drawing classes and enrich your artistic talent. It's been a few years since I've done anything really artistic, you've got me thinking about doing some...
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    Happy Birthday Amethist

    Happy Birthday Amethist, I hope it's a good one!:)
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    Full Moon

    My husband was grilling and I came out to check on the food (we were eating late) and noticed how amazing the moon looked, I commented on it and that's when he told me about the full larger than normal moon. It was so beautiful just to stare at, it was definitely a "stop and smell the roses"...