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    PTSD Has Taken Over and Destroyed My Life

    Hi 3yrs! Welcome to the forum. I was abused as a child. My mtoher being the main physical mental abuser. So I can relate to the mother relationship and the sleeping a lot. Im not sleeping alot now actually but I was. I go in phases depending on what issue I am dealing with. I usually after...
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    I'm close to admitting myself to hospital

    I dont know if this would help anyone else but it does me. I have a time limit on being more than 24 hours. And no roll over minutes. I make myself do something, if only thing to accomplish each day besides going to work. I usually overhwelm myself with a list of things i plan...
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    Favorite Song Lyrics

    Hold On (Wilson Phillips) I know this pain Why do lock yourself up in these chains? No one can change your life except for you Don't ever let anyone step all over you Just open your heart and your mind Is it really fair to feel this way inside? chorus: Some day somebody's gonna make...
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    PO'd at Family Reactions

    It matters how I got obtained PTSD but the solution (recovery) is more important today than who is to blame. I cant change the past...hell Ive been subconsciously trying to do that all my life....its what I am doing now to be a better me that matters for me today. Ive learned to prya for the...
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    Newly Diagnosed - Me and my Child Have PTSD

    Hi Bec....Nancy here. I also have PTSD and Chronic PTSD. I am pretty sure all my sons except the youngest have PTSD. If only from the effects of me. My two oldest sons are 18 and 20. The younger 2 are here with me. My third son shows signs of PTSD and has been acting out in a recent breaking...
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    Rant... I'll Give Them "Get Over It"

    What others think and say is exactly what I use to think and say. One of the reasons I had a hard time accepting until I was further educated and had to go through more stress which in turn triggered me. When I went into AA, my life changed. Basically my whole surroundings changed as far as...
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    News Breaking Research News: Terror Attack Footage Causes Brain Trauma

    I find this interesting. When 9-11 occurred, I didnt have cable or any antennae reception where i lived therefore, I didnt see any footage on Tv regarding the terrorist attack. I moved during that year and had antennae reception by the first anniverary. Prior to viewing anything I had aonly read...
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    Trauma Diaries

    I will try it!
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    Oddity Here? Can't Remember Faces of Trauma!

    Thank you Anthony. Actually I havent ever met my sponsor f2f, though I will at the end of next month. We met on a AA message board and I was getting ready to have an breakdown when God put her in my path. I was actually looking for a recovery gift for the boyfriend (now ex) and stumbled across...
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    Oddity Here? Can't Remember Faces of Trauma!

    Thank you Anthony. I havent read much of the description of the journey on this forum. I have been experiencing this healing pattern a little myself. As long as I let it happen. I have a tendency to not want to loose a few days up to a week of emotional hangovers in dealing with traumas. I have...
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    I Can't Do This - Hallucinations with PTSD

    My oldest brother is schizophrenic. He also has hallucentations as a result of his medication. I know for myself, if a friend is not healthy for me to be around, I detach myself from that person. And I assume your friend April was not like this in her lifetime. Perhaps this is a way you can bury...
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    Do I have PTSD? Feeling terrible for about a week

    Just knowing someone else is hearing no matter where they are always seems to help.
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    Show and Tell....ART

    Nam....those are wonderful! I can hardly draw stick people much less paint. I am just beginning to start writing again. I havent done any writing since I was a teen. It may not even be worth reading any of it but it helps me. Im dont even know what my talents are as Im just beginning to not walk...
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    General Just Found Out My Ex Girlfriend May Have PTSD

    Hi ECF and welcome I understand where your GF is at. My second husband and I divorced and approximately 9 months later he passed away as the result of a drug overdose. He was an addict. I divorced him out of necessity. I had a hard time dating even while sperated and after the divorce. Hima...
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    Higher Ground

    LOL....that song has been one I have been using to describe myself since I first heard it!
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    Poll When Did the Symptoms of PTSD First Appear, After the Initial Traumatic Event?

    I had forgotten about the bed wetting. Which made matters worse as I would get "punished" for it. I also remember throwing up alot as a small child between ages 5 to 8 years old. I guess symtoms were there. I didnt think about those things as being symptoms. geez.
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    New Person - I Have PTSD and Lupus

    Hi Helen..Welcome! Nancy here in southern VA. About 20 minutes form the NC border. We are almost neighbors! I was in ft. Lauderdale last year. It was winter time and I soaked up the sun. Loved it! I hope you stick around and join us on our journey of recovery. Nancy
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    Higher Ground

    The lyrics to this song which is sung by Barbara Streisand was shared with me recently and I thought I would share it here because I know who brought me through the hell Ive been through and who is bringing me out with my Higher Powers messengers. even here, all of you are messengers and thank...
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    General I Feel Like I Have to Protect Myself

    Hi desert4now Just a suggestion, have you thought maybe you yourself, having been in a abusive relationship before, may have developed PTSD yourself?
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    PTSD and Concentration

    We do have a survival mode where we are able to block out. I have a hard time lately doing this as years of abuse have caught up with me and yes, it seems my brain has a m ind of its own. I am learning to put boundaries not only in relationships but also for my memories. Not to block out for...
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    My Story - Port Arthur Massacre Survivor

    Welcome Bazza!
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    I Cannot Believe It - This Place Speaks How I Feel

    It is my turn to say how much this site is helping me accept more and more everyday of the PTSD. I kept trying to "shake it off" as i have always done inthe past.....picking up the pieces is not as easy as it use to be. My marriages and relationships have been only one of the symptoms of the...
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    Shuting Down - Anxiety Is Overwhelming

    Anna, are you tkaing any medication? Im not saying it to use as a mask I was wondering because its helped the physical symptoms for me for the most part. I wonder here lately if my dosage needs to increase as the shoulder and chest pain have started again. I have been stressed out and I yelled...
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    Emotional Boundaries Discussion

    Ive been quite the doormat myself Lorrie. Boundaires were crossed before age 5 and a long time afterward. It seems everyone else in my world had them but me and if I tried to I was considered conceited and called names by my own mother. Her being self absorbed she coaxed me into always showering...
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    Questions For You All

    Yes to all of them for me too! Nam described me to a "T"! PTSD does suck though somewhere there is blessings. I dont do "change" very well and this is forcing me to do some changing.....ok...ok...ok.... a lot of changing. Taking care of me...and new one...being gentle with myself? I am my own...