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    Constant trigger at home, don't know how to cope

    Hi there, I could really use some advice about dealing with a current situation that's massively triggering me at home. I'm struggling a lot, and the lightening skies making daylight longer and the impending summer is really making me very anxious, I'm on edge the whole time. The trigger is a...
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    Sufferer Introducing me and where to go for help

    Just wanted to add (can’t work out how to edit) that I’m feeling worse than ever and I just don’t know what to do or what’s going to work to start to feel better...hoping for some positive steps
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    Sufferer childhood abuse --> adult problems

    Thank you for your heartfelt post. You described so eloquently what I can’t put into words. I hope you find a way 💕 I’m searching for the same
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    Sufferer Introducing me and where to go for help

    Hi all, I’ve just joined, glad to find a ptsd forum and people who can relate to me. I’ve started therapy for cptsd after an incident in the summer that brought on massive anxiety and fear and then really starting to understand what ptsd actually is and how much it’s affected me my whole life...