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    Relationship There Is Hope

    I agree Nicolette. Hubby & I are coming up for 4yrs of PTSD in Oct. I know everyone's situation is different & sometimes the relationships work or crumble as a result of the illness. At the end of the day that is the one thing I have to remember is that this is an illness. It just makes it...
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    General An Ex-Carer Checking Back In

    Bella, great to hear from you! I remember how hard it was for you during your time in that marriage. Good on you for rebuilding your life & opening your heart to a healthy relationship where you can hold your head high & be treated with the respect you deserve. Wishing you many years of love...
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    Humphrey Starts His Journey / Pictures

    Hi everyone As pandora has the old bear at the moment it feel it is only fair that she decides where he can go next. Please remember that sending him off to the next person is not cheap so please "bear" that in mind. If it is cheaper to send him on to someone in Canada next I'm sure Humphrey...
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    General The Guilt Of Having A Bad Day

    I'm also guilty of that too. I just try to be upfront to hubby about it & say just give me a bit of space or will get your head bitten off. I must admit I do try to go "quiet" but sometimes I think my silence speaks louder than my words. I do tell hubby it is not directed at him but I suppose...
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    General Feeling Guilty About Feeling Resentful

    Hi Amethist I know what you mean, it does become draining at times. All I can offer is to see a doc & vent in a safe environment, get that ggggggrrrrrrr out! It's easier said than done but try & call a friend & just go out for a few hrs to blow off some steam, treat yourself & do something...
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    How is Humphrey?

    Glad to hear he is safe & on the move with you pandora. I will let you decide who you would like to send him to next when you are up to it. Hi Mina, yes it's the same old bear, we thought it would be fun to send him off for a holiday & see the world & bring some cheer to people.
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    How is Humphrey?

    Hi Lisa I'm going good, Rob was put back into hospital for some r & r yesterday but apart from that he has been getting out there & trying new things. I honestly can't remember where the old bear is......I'm sure wherever he is, he will be enjoying himself!
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    How is Humphrey?

    Hi everyone Nugget & I have been missing on here for awhile. Just wondering how Humphrey is going. I'm sure he is safe & well, just hoping he is having a good time on his travels.
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    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

    Hi I'm a spouse of a sufferer & would also like to meet others that walk the ptsd path. Feel free to pm me. I'm a bit slack getting onto the site lately but I would love to hear from you.
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    About 90% of the stuff on Aussie tv or movies are from U.S.A or U.K so we don't get subtitles. I'm sure that there is some aussie slang that I don't even know, lol!
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    Yes it is a great movie! I think its funny that you had subtitles, I would like to see that version of the movie.
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    PTSD And Boredom....Having A Purpose

    Hi Nicolette I've noticed now that Ayden is at school full time that hubby is able to set up a routine on his terms. I think having the power to plan his time to do what he wants around his appts has taken some extra stress off him. As he is now offically an artist in my eyes (he sold...
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    General Hubby Is Back From Hospital

    Well after 3weeks in hosp, hubby has now been at home for 2 weeks. We have had good days & bad but as we know thats just "normal". I have been slowly increasing my hours back at work & trying to keep Ayden in daycare as much as I can to allow hubby to slowly get back on his feet & find his...
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    General Fmla

    Enjoy your time away!!!! As my hubby was in hosp recently my work has carers leave that you can take if your spouse/child is unwell & you need to take time off. I still have to get a doc cert but that time doesn't come off my personal sick leave.
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    Relationship Should I Stay Or Should I Go? A Reality Check

    Well done! I think for some partners seeing this is black & white is a great way to let them know that it's ok to ask yourself those questions. It depends on if you are prepared to really honest with your answers to them. Thanks again.
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    General A Confession Of A PTSD Sufferer

    A big thanks to Nicolette & the person that was honest enough to share this. Great food for thought! Thanks again!
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    General How is Everyone?

    Just popping my head back in to let you know that I will be a bit busy for the next few weeks. As of tomorrow we will be moving during Adelaide's glorious heatwave (39c). Lucky its a long weekend for us & we are only moving around the corner. Then the following weekend I'm in a wedding 2hrs...
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    General How is Everyone?

    Yeah I'm rather proud of nugget, it's nice to see him taking this step. Mind you it does make things easier now that we have a car each. Good stress & bad stress for him but I think it's a long term win for him. Just makes me love him more!
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    General Temporary Change In Carer Editor

    Hope Kathy is resting & taking the time she needs for herself. A big thanks to Nicolette for stepping in while Kathy is resting. I'm sure you will do a great job Nicolette. Thanks for donating your time!
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    Relationship The Price Of PTSD On Relationships

    Hmmm good food for thought! I know at times it is hard to find a balance for the support that you give & get. For me I think the best thing for me is to be honest with my hubby & tell him that I'm having a crap time. I tell him that I need to work on myself in order to regroup & get my crap...
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    General How is Everyone?

    Hello world! We have been busy with that crazy thing we call life. Good days & bad days but overall just plain old busy days. On a positive note hubby will be picking up his very own "new" car tomorrow. He took it for a spin today & felt comfortable driving it so I am over the moon & proud of...
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    General Evie Ill Once More - Simply Venting!

    Hi Kathy Damn these rollercoaster rides at times. I'm sorry to hear about Evie. Hope she is better soon. I understand your frustration. I am feeling the same way about hubby & his other health issues at the moment also. I think it's the extra pressure of more appts, new docs etc. It is...
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    General Deployment - I Am Stressed

    To Jen & Kathy my thoughts are with you & your boys & family during this. I have not been in the position that you are both in & don't envy the wave of emotions that you both must be feeling. Please know that you are in my thoughts.:Hug_emoticon:
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    How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

    veiled, Hope you have a great time on your date! Enjoy the kid free time!
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    Nuggets V The Work Rehab "WANKER"

    I must add that considering hubby is suppose to be the one with "anger issues" after the appt with the Doc I was the one who wanted to come out swinging at the Doc. I was very proud of the way hubby handled the situation.