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    What Was/Is Your Weirdest Symptom?

    My only hope was that it burned calories! O
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    Help! They're Coming - Anxiety Over Workers At My House

    See! You made it through! Well done! One fear down, maybe a few more to go, but you didn't let your fear stop what had to be done. That is progress! O
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    Thinking About Suicide When Stressed

    One thought that stopped me was when I learned that a child who has had a parent commit suicide, is 80% more likely to do the same later in life. To be that kind of example to my kids was unthinkable. O
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    Anxiety Over Lack Of Control

    I would be anxious too if I didn't know what the diagnosis was. Wanting the ring to be paid off also seems like a normal thing to be anxious about. Both are very personal. The trick it to try and maintain a balanced amount of anxiety. Just be as patient with these feelings as you can. This won't...
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    What Was/Is Your Weirdest Symptom?

    The toughtest for me was a combination of trembling hands and jumping out of my skin at the slightest sound. Like, off the couch when the cat sneezed. I gradually got to see the humour of this, and laughing it off helped so much. Come to think of it, laughing was a symptom too. I would regularly...
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    Help! They're Coming - Anxiety Over Workers At My House

    This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass....Breathe deep and have restful evening once it is all over! O
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    Wear Wedding Ring And Run From Relationships

    Hmm. I wonder if you are able to think of what you gained by having those people in your life. Would you change having them, even breifly, for not have had them at all in your life? Of course not. I just wondered if it may be healthier for you to focus on what those loved ones added to you life...
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    I Am Not Zac Efron (Humor Only!)

    In my Opinion, this thread was a thoughtless and disrespectful attempt at humour. No one got hurt huh? My name was used in this thread intimaitng that I would cheat on my husband and offered a fake phone number-supposedly mine. Explain how my husband or I would find that funny? It was insulting...
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    If Potatoes Were A Person...What Are Your Comfort Foods?

    If Potatoes were a person, then I would hug them everyday. Potatoes are were my comfort food all through my healing process. Bake 'em, fry 'em, mash 'em, or barbeque 'em they were always of comfort to me. Sometimes when I would feel overwhelmed with my CPTSD one healthy way to manage was the...
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    Another Newcomer

    I always have appreciated the saying Knowledge if not shared is useless. Welcome to the forum! Hope to learn more about you, O
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    Things *Not* To Do

    I had just moved into a strange City with only a 4 year old, 4 suit cases and a cat. I was desperately looking for an apartment and was staying in a friends tiny highrise apartment. It was incediably hot outside, I had, no money for transit, So I had been walking the neighbourhoods looking for...
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    Chest Pains With Anxiety?

    Have you noticed if your body posture is different when you are stressed? Sometimes when feeling really down or even stressed,we slump over more and this can make breathing laboured. This can also lead to chest pains. I used to also just sometimes find myself holding my breath. I would gasp out...
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    Memory Loss - Not Sure What To Do

    When adrenelin levels are up, learning is down. When adreneline levels are down, learning goes up. This is also why people do not think clearly when angry. O
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    Hi - Life Of Abuse

    Dearest windwalker. What a beauitful name you chose. My heart goes out to you. I hope in time you will be able to appreciate your true value as a mom. I know it takes time but you will find tremendous support here. There is another new member here who also has this struggle and I hope the two of...
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    Do People Fake PTSD?

    A great way to respond to univited questions is this: Do you ask me this because you are curious or concerned? If the answer is because they are curious you can say that you are not a side show in a circus. If they are concerned you might just have a real friend in the making. Either way you are...
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    Poll When Did the Symptoms of PTSD First Appear, After the Initial Traumatic Event?

    I had symptoms of PTSD when I was very young, but as they were all I ever knew I had no idea. When I was 32 it hit me hard. One sentence from my mother and my head when spinning. O
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    Do People Fake PTSD?

    I am not in the least way ashamed of having CPTSD. When I look at other family members of mine that I am sure have the same condition and are not diagnosed, it makes me all the more grateful for having gone through Therapy and sorting out all my stuff. It has made me a way better person. A...
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    Teacher Assault = PTSD

    Golly, you are a walking movie of the week! With a the storms you have weathered you are one heck of a swimmer. Way to go! Please keep on coming here and never ever ever loose your sense of humour. Sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us going! O
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    Just a thought for you: Disabled does not mean unable. O
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    How Did You Fair The Relationship Test?

    HA! I'm a tree, he's a vine. Figures. Sometimes I get tired of being the tree but at least he doesn't block the sunlight! O
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    I Am Sleeping "Way" Too Much

    Very good to hear! Grieving and acceptance deserve time. I hope that you can literally feel a load lift off of your shoulders soon. O
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    People Leaving = Trigger

    I have also had many T's. Although it is difficult and tiring to go over the whole truama history over and over, in a way I found it helpful. I gained more clarity and distance from my immediate anxiety about talking about it all. As Gloria said, they are guides. Every T I had was helpful and...
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    Urgent Cell Phone Advice Requested!

    Your in Mexico? Sorry I have no idea where. My son is always loosing his cell and he goes to computer refirbishing places. They always sell second hand phones real cheap. But in Mexico? So sad for your phone though. Musta been an awful death, all those bubbles... O
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    I Am Sleeping "Way" Too Much

    I agree with SunnyBrookFarm and Shecat and Leda. Trauma is draining stuff to deal with. If your body is That tired, something is going on. Good old PTSD, sleep to much, sleep to little. Ahh,the dance. O
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    Feeling Like I Can't Function At Work

    I would think that it might be helpfult o talk to a family doctor to begin with. An anti-anxiety medication might help. PTSD does not mix well with pressure and stress. Your mental health is of the utmost importance. Perhaps talking to a supervisor and explaining that you really do want to give...