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    Beware of authority abuse

    I am in the position to give valuable advice to people about so called authorities that despite the fact that they are in charge of protecting the public and private citizens, will indeed abuse instead. Abuse in the form of people who have been specifically hired to protect people is much more...
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    Self Worth

    So sorry for your pain, but as soon as anyone makes the slightest notion of someone imagining anything I will walk the other way. That is classic red flag behavior and a very well known way for a predator to abuse you, to groom you, to rape you, and then telling you that you just imagined it and...
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    Abreactions And Emdr

    That is weird, because I practiced quiet EMDR a couple of days ago before going to sleep and that kind of thing seemed to take place. All of my early childhood memories are that way, broken pieces of memories.
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    News When Children See War As Better Than Peace

    Yeah, those children do not really know what a normal life is. That goes on in so many countries, drilling the kids to be soldiers at a very early age. It is disheartening when watching such developments.
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    General How to help him find the beauty in humanity again?

    Boy, I know what you are talking about. I do see the beauty in humans, a view, the view that are mistreated, the view who really do fight for a cause. I am so impressed by such real people. Those kind of people I find truly beautiful. But nature is my love, always will be.
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    Spiritual Abuse

    Same here, especially since many of them do not practice their region at all, and they really think there is this jolly old man that forgives the crimes they commit every day, disgusting and stupid.
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    Seeking to be truly known. all i've known is abuse.

    I guess that is why this is so tough, after the predator shatters the normal life of a victim, I guess a fractured reality is what we then have to deal with.
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    Childhood If I Wanted To Google Signs Of Abuse

    Good post, where there is a suffering victim then there is also a criminal that is responsible for that. Anyone that tries to deny a victim the truth is often just another criminal henchman.
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    Scared To Talk To My Therapist About Disability

    Yeah, to be dependent on disability would take my freedom away. Also inflation swallows more and more money and when someone is on a fixed income that can pull out the rug from under your feet.
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    How Do You Word It To Your Employer

    Well, I have PTSD and every day I watch managers that pretend they are leaders (while they dilly around with useless females and force abortions onto them because they are too stupid to understand birth control) and just make up stuff as they go along. I watch the big bosses put on sharades all...
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    Needing Support

    Same here, feels like dying, having to address all of these different triggers. Sick and tired about hearing why criminals do the things they do. I dont want to hear about that anymore, why should I have to worry about that? All of these multiple triggers are killing me.
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    The Easter Egg Weekend - What Are You Doing?

    Loove the australian language, fun. Now that you mention it some booze may be o.k. Maybe a nice glass of wine. Other than that Iam really hoping for relaxation. Iam in a horrible PTSD stage and really just want peace and quiet.
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    When You Talk About Yourself!

    I used to open up very easily, until I met people that stalked me, that lied about themselves and that will try every trick in the book in order to interfere with my private life. Seems to be rather common that total strangers seem to think they have the right to interfere with my private life...
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    Dr. diane langberg video

    Will have to explore that: maybe it could help to understand it better. Because so often I am just totally lost in the symptoms. How does a complex PTSD patient find normal again? Especially when facing the fact that the normal they thought was normal was abnormal?
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    Childhood When Does The Pain End?

    Well, I like EMDR too and will often go online to do self EMDR. As long as it helps, why not? I understand the terrible pain of childhood abuse, am trapped in it myself. Just yesterday and today I got flashbacks from a long time ago in my childhood. They deal with me having my stomach pumped...
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    Putting Stuff On Hold

    O.k. so then we have to go through the trauma. But what if we do not understand the reason why certain treatment techniques are in place and what if we don't understand why we are subjected to certain techniques? What if the trauma is new and did not have any correlations with the old trauma...
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    Another Shot At Law

    Any such positive challenge is a good challenge for you. I know any future challenges that would allow me to branch out and do something worthwhile: I would grab any such chance by the horns.
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    Employer Commenting On Voice

    What I hate is the fact that any supervisor can come up with any kind of bullshit and not have to worry about that. Because the worker does have no ground to stand on. The crap that I have had to listen to already from such reviews is atrocious. I have been told of improvements, of lower...
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    Military discipline to help ptsd?

    Well, in the military people are trained to function as a whole, as a unit that is ready to go into combat. PTSD is combat of the mind, maybe somehow they think there could be a connection. However, when left to my own devices I am not in need of military discipline at all. I am extremely...
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    Floating Between Acceptance And Denial

    Yeah, endless slog, blah. Will there ever be a time where it does not continually revolve and revolve? Is there ever a time in the life of a PTSD patient when he or she will not have to worry about having PTSD? Where it sort of just blends in with regular life? Because I have fought this crap...
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    Did You Feel Relieved When Your Abuser Died?

    Holy s..., that is what my dad used to do too when I grew up as a teen. Would tell me who he overheard in the neighborhood bar who would talk about me and who would love to have physical relations with me. Then he would go on and pretend to be the concerned, protective dad. There were fellas in...
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    I Self Destruct And I Don't Know Why!

    First of all it is a basic human right to have people around you that really do care and do the right things for you. If someone does not give that to you then it is not your fault. Victims often blame themselves for the misdeeds of others. So what you can do is simply to take your time...
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    I Drank Again... My Partner Deserves Better

    Well, you should share your troubles with him. If you are trying to stay away from alcohol and have relapses then there is something in your life, within your mind that drives you to that kind of self abuse. Alcoholism is self abuse. You will have to find out why you are going towards alcohol...
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    Childhood Minimising

    A crime is a crime, and me as a regular human being do not even need to look at the laws to know what a crime is. Hence, even if it were not described as a crime in the law book today it still can be a crime. People need to be able to have their own moral compass, regardless of what the law...
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    Anyone Had An Experience With Psych Institute Of Washington Trauma Unit (the Center)

    If you go there I hope they can really help you. You deserve good help.