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    Triggered From Unrelated Event

    It can happen. My triggers are related to abuse as well, but my first big PTSD shutdown was triggered by a friend's cancer diagnosis. Some of my immediate family have already passed from the evil C, so it shouldn't have hit me as hard as it did, but .... I was crushed for a long time. I expect...
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    Getting Better At Expressing Myself

    Great to hear all of this :) Congratulations!
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    Ptsd and sensory overload

    Dear lords yes. If someone takes too long getting a chip from a chip bag the rattling makes me want to cram it down their throat. I don't know why, just the sound sets me completely on edge. I don't think anyone but my husband knows though, because I usually step out of the room if it continues...
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    Also be aware that each individual may react differently. I have seen some it has helped immensely, and some it has nearly ruined their mental state bringing them into a breakdown. Like any medication that affects our mentality, it is largely individual on reactions. We're still infants in...
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    Medication...what To Expect?

    No problem. If you are on a low carb diet it could be affecting you, certainly. There are other ways around it, but they're not as easy, I'm sure your doctor can help you come up with alternatives if they believe that it is exacerbating the situation you're already in. Keep in mind, I'm not a...
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    Medication...what To Expect?

    It is useful-I wasn't doubting that. In fact, I find the potential very ecouraging. I'm a bit of science fan so hearing about things like advances in DNA testing and practical applications makes me quite pleased. I just also advocate caution, after I've seen a few folks go crazy with DNA test...
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    Why Did A Nightmare Change My Life?

    I had my night terrors for nights in a row, I understand the "terrified to go back to sleep". Thankfully it's gotten better, with a psychiatrist and my GP running interference and putting their heads together. I have some tests for other stuff that might be related still coming up, but just...
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    Some Semblance Of Stabilty-at Last!

    I'm just happy the last couple of days have gone so well. My cycle may be off, I may still be having problems with my sleep, but dammit, my mood has improved, I have energy again, I'm not being driven awake in absolute terror, and that is *HUGE* improvement in my quality of life. As long as I...
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    Feeling Unnaturally Happy?

    Sounds like you've got some ideas, and that taking your time to type things out does help. As you go, each post gets a bit less panicked. This is good. I wasn't so much referring to you for the "big pharma" comment but warning you away from those types of ideas. Unfortunately they're...
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    Has Anyone Been To A Sleep Specialist / Clinic For Night Terrors?

    hehe I was half joking but yes, having some soft stuff if you're falling out of bed is a practical solution until you can get some help. Getting injured from your sleep must really suck and while taking precautions isn't ideal-keeping you from getting hurt should be rather top on the list :)
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    Why Did A Nightmare Change My Life?

    If you've had trauma and were dealing with it and then-suddenly weren't-the nightmare may have simply been the last straw. I "managed" my PTSD for seven years and then suddenly-didn't. It all came crashing down after a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn't his diagnosis that caused...
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    Hyper-vigilance And Crowds

    Ditto on the analyzing the area. I'm proud of the fact I can now sit with my back open in a restaurant, I still have to keep in mind who is in the room, where they are and identify sounds, but I can now identify someone moving behind me as just passing by versus someone approaching me. I still...
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    Medication...what To Expect?

    I had heard of the swab test, but given the newness of genetic testing and the fact that many doctors aren't trained in how to analyze a lot of the information, it's generally discouraged here in Canada as a means of effective diagnosis beyond genetic based illnesses. I also heard about how...
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    How Much Of Your Past Does Your Partner Needs To Know....?

    No hon, it's not "cheating" in any way shape or form, and I hear you on the commitment phobia. I told my husband we had to be together for two years straight before proposals could be considered. I dated a lot of people, even though none of them were sexually active (also hear you on the sex...
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    Has Anyone Been To A Sleep Specialist / Clinic For Night Terrors?

    My husband had night terrors, sometimes combined with being semi awake, so he'd be effectively draeming while still speaking and responding to it. I've been clocked a few times because of it :P He did go to a sleep clinic, and what they found out was that he was a strange kind of waking...
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    Other Memory loss, do you have it, how do you deal with it?

    I usually work around it. I handle it like people who forget normal things, by generally asking or looking it up or just letting it go and accepting that my memory is shot. It can be rough, depending on what I'm forgetting, but the people around me know me well enough and while they tease me...
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    Vent - Saw My Neurologist Today.

    Antihistamines also work for those who have migraines due to weather changes (air pressure in the sinuses doesn't equalize well). I assume you've had a CT and an MRI? I'd suggest the CT over the MRI, honestly, because the MRI won't show electrical activity. Assuming that's true and they...
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    Feeling Unnaturally Happy?

    Okay-let me unpack. 1-you sound pretty scattered and like you're having some pretty harsh issues. 2-Medicine as a revenue for doctors depends largely on the doctor your seeing-even then it's not what you think. It is NOT a revenue stream in the sense that "Big Pharma is trying to get you...
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    Some Semblance Of Stabilty-at Last!

    I had a very strange and upsetting welcome to the new year. I was plagued with sudden unprovoked mood swings, my insomnia added waking mid sleep to the list (I already have sleep onset issues), and I started having awful night terrors almost every night (until then I could count the nightmares...
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    Having A Hard Time Accepting Diagnosis

    Yup. I refused mine for seven years. Then it jumped out and damn near ate me alive and sucked me into hell. Don't do that. Is bad. It's a shock, it's unbeliveable. You want to deny it and say "No, I'm fine, just stressed out a bit because <insert>." Instead, trust the people with the...
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    How Often Do You Fly Off The Handle?

    Not as much as I used to. My abusers made me look at my own anger issues and realize them for the monsters they are. I will not be them. I refuse. When my PTSD finally bloomed into full blown monster-it became almost impossible to control and I had enough self awareness to know I was out of...
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    How Do You Handle Being Called Delusional?

    I don't react well. For me there's a distinct difference between being told that I'm delusional and being told that I might need to slow down and consider first. The first is an accusation, the second is a gentle reminder that I might be letting my illness take over. It's really dependant on...
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    Medication...what To Expect?

    Your doctor would know. Typically, meds are a crapshoot, and you can acclimate easily to a lot of them. Sometimes you acclimate even when it isn't expected (I have done this)-especially if it's a stubborn condition (in my case, it's insomnia). When I say a "crapshoot" I don't mean there's no...
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    Criticism - is it them or you?

    I've had negative criticism from people, and honestly, you can easily tell the difference between constructive and negative criticism pretty quick. Constructive criticism has suggestions, negative criticism is just someone telling you you're not good enough. There's a world of difference...
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    Nightmares Don't End

    Sounds like you're having really nasty nightmares. I-until very recently-never got them. As of late december that changed. Terrifying, afraid to go to sleep, heart pounding, covered in sweat, terror. Unlike you, I have o idea what caused them, but I'm on a medication that seems to be working...