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    News British Parliament On Lockdown

    Last I saw there were five confirmed dead (including the guy who stabbed the police officer) and over twenty injured. Hubby's (ex Met and MoD police officer, retired due to PTSD) nightmares on overdrive tonight - hence me being on the internet at 0415!
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    Emerg Services Police Vet With 19 Years 4 Months With Ptsd Ia Hearing Tomorrow

    My husband was a police officer for 17 years, and he took medical retirement due to PTSD. I appreciate things work differently over here, but I hope you manage to get the equivalent. Let us know how the hearing went when you can.
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    Relationship Ever Feel Like You Are Trapped

    @Statsattack nothing wrong with starting your own thread. You want/need support and feedback, so this is how to do it. I just thought you might find the Angry Thread useful in the future. It's good for those times where you want to rant, but can't in real life, and you just need to get it out.
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    Relationship Ever Feel Like You Are Trapped

    That is why this forum is so important to so many of us. 'Outsiders' don't understand, and I know I don't tend to tell them much as I worry that they will think hubby is a jerk. To be fair, if a friend came to me and told me her other half did some of the things hubby does, I would probably...
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    Relationship Communicating In Writing?

    I'm a supporter and I find it easier to write it out. In the early days I used to write notes to my (now) hubby. Hubby (the one with PTSD) hates it, he has taught and encouraged me to talk about my emotions. He would often refuse to read my notes. He thinks if he writes it down it can be...
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    General Treatment...

    Hubby care Co-ordinator once told him it was perfectly normal to want to follow someone home and stab them just because they cut you up. He was also told to try gardening. I've been to a couple of psychiatrist appointments with hubby, a few years ago when he first started medication. They...
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    "feelings" Are Something You're Supposed To Talk About?

    Someone who cares about you, or is a nice 'hooman bean', would certainly try not to use your feelings against you. Some will do exactly what you say, and that is because, sadly, the world isn't that straight forward and people can be found on a scale between evil and unintentional w@nker...
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    "feelings" Are Something You're Supposed To Talk About?

    Well that is a relief :roflmao:
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    My Mate Bob - What Did I Ever Do Before Him?

    My Roomba (Daisy) was the best at picking up cat fur, far better than my Henry vacuum. However, unlike the online videos of cats riding them, my cat was terrified!
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    "feelings" Are Something You're Supposed To Talk About?

    Supporter here. How about because we want to understand you better, and try to make life easier for you? Your life experiences have taught you otherwise, I know that. But this is why we, people who care about you, want to know how you are feeling. Some rubbish examples, but hopefully they...
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    Relationship Beware Ptsd Being Used As An Excuse...

    I understand it's difficult, but there isn't that much to understand. The main fact is that your relationship with him is over. And you need to concentrate on your healing and moving forward. If you read through the threads you will see that your scenario isn't that uncommon. PTSD makes life...
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    Relationship Beware Ptsd Being Used As An Excuse...

    Hi @Bubbles215 I'm so sorry that you have been hurt like this. Take time to look after yourself and feel better :hug:
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    Relationship What To Do When Sufferer Doesn't Want To Discuss Feelings

    So well put @Anarchy! I once, very naively, told hubby he could talk to me about anything. And during our time together he has told me some of the things he saw and experienced as a police officer. The other day he started describing something and I had to ask him to stop. I love horror...
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    Facing Fears Head On

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    Relationship Anxious About Homecoming

    Everybody and every situation is different, so I can't tell you what your bf will be like. I can tell you that when my hubby (bf at the time) came home after inpatient treatment he was nervous and subdued. He would say that he wanted to go back as he felt safe there and vulnerable 'outside'...
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    Relationship My Husband Has Ptsd And Is Verbally Abusive. I Feel So Alone.

    I could be wrong, but I thought there was also supposed to be some CBT groundwork done, and a relationship built with the therapist, before EMDR therapy?
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    Happy Birthday Son

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    Childless On Mothers Day

    I feel exactly the same way. I have always known that I wanted to have/adopt a child. For various reasons one of those is impossible and the other is highly improbable. I do have step children, but that is a double edged sword that can be simultaneously amazing and beautiful, and completely...
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    General Trauma Work & Skills You Learn - Sufferers, Please Respond

    Hubby says he sometimes feels like he is inside a bubble watching his life as though it was a TV programme.
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    General Theory Of Suicidality - Combat Vets In Particular

    For completely non-PTSD-suffering-people related reasons that theory actually reassures me at the moment @Sighs, so thank you for sharing. :hug:
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    Abandonment Of Children Questions

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I hope things have at settled some, if not improved. His behaviour is not the PTSD. If it were, my hubby wouldn't be busy distracting himself now that his princess has gone home. :hug:
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    Paranoia / trust

    Luckily, even when experiencing paranoia, I'm the one person hubby trusts 99% of the time. Sometimes he recognises it, and sometimes he doesn't. During this time he won't leave the house unless it's dark out or I'm with him. Also our kitchen knives tend to disappear and reappear hidden in odd...
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    Sometimes the truly deep moments come when you least expect them, and not in ways you expect. And sometimes you don't appreciate them until later on.
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    Relationship Never Dealt With Ptsd, Among Other Mental Illness's In A Relationship

    We are the supporters. It is our role to support. We need to understand that our loved ones with PTSD may not be able to "come through for me" as they have their own things to deal with. I know it's not easy. There are times when being able to lean on hubby would have made so much difference...