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    Anthony & nicolette

    Hi I have read and re read your stories and they are inspirational. I can relate to much of what Anthony said although I did not serve in the military I did complete 30 years as a police officer. I live in the UK where gun crime is still quite rare but I did have to face an armed suspect on one...
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    Unrelated Nightmares And Forgotten Memories

    I don't have dreams about incidents in my past, not that I remember but I just don't sleep. Getting to sleep is usually quite easy but after a couple of hours I wake up and then continuously wake up every hour or so for the rest of the night. When I do wake up I find that the first thought in...
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    Sufferer Introduction

    Hi Joey Thanks for your comments, really appreciated. I didn't realise that there was anywhere like this with people going through the same type of issues. I happened across the forum by accident and it took some determination to sign up but I'm really glad I did. Thank you to everyone for...
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    Sufferer Introduction

    Thanks Laurie Good to know there are others out there who are going through the same. Cheers and all the best.
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    Sufferer Introduction

    Thank you Jane, I appreciate what you say but at the moment I don't feel strong and I feel out of control which is 'foreign' to me as I've always been in control so this current feeling makes me anxious, worried and frightened.
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    Sufferer Introduction

    Hi Not sure how to go about this or even if the forum is what I want. I served in a UK police force for 30 years and during that time dealt with many, many difficult things all of which have recently returned to haunt me. Cot deaths, suicides, road traffic fatalities, work accidents causing...