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    The Challenges of Changing Core Beliefs

    You are experiencing Normal symptoms and must feel like your out of place but that is the took me a long time to believe everything was ok.i always found the most comfort in Isolation cause it was the safest place to not get triggered. Hopelessness is also something I struggle...
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    Relationship Can someone with PTSD use the need for space as an excuse?

    Tes,absolutely.both need their space in a Relationship,trust me I had to end one because of this.totally healthy to have this.
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    Am I Required to love myself for a relationship?

    Thank you.please reach out anytime,we are in this Together.never feel like your alone and if you do,know there are people here that is safe here.
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    Am I Required to love myself for a relationship?

    Sounds like disfunction runs wild.i moved 1700 miles away to get to a better place.Loving yourself I found having to be Honest,brutally honest and that means being f*cking Mad,Miserable and Crying to process what's happened to you.with that said ,just be real,the Calm and Niceness come much...
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    Really awful week

    Shit happens in Life we have no control over and it really Sucks when it happens.i had an episode on New Years day and had to end a 20 years relationship, I regret the whole mess for months this year and alot of it had to do with things not being talked about.i now think that's the best thing...
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    I don't want to deal with my life...

    Take it easy, that is a hell of alot of...I can't tell you I have an answer but really try to break it down to the most important being you.i understand when a pile up happens in our brains all I want is being comforted.i had to learn to treat me with the gentlest of care and took me a very long...
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    Sufferer 32 years old and still having emotional flashbacks from childhood abuse

    Everything you are doing is what I am also doing myself. Crying anywhere I found myself alot.know this is Normal.i had to make a move too since my partner was non supportive either,it was too difficult and know it is hard for them too.i care too much about myself to ever be with someone who...
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    General Struggling with Trauma from past relationship with an ex who had PTSD/a lot of trauma

    You are really smart.ask yourself how much of this situation are Genuinely mine and how much of this are her baggage that she left me scarred with.i just got out of a relationship where neither person was not willing to look at or change.alot of times I tried to help my partner understand that...
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    Someone help me sort this out - Marriage, Pregnancy, Hormones, Depression, & Trauma

    I am so Happy for you,sounds like you have the right person to work and talk things through,so Awesome.Thank you for your kind words,so sweet of you.i know we struggle and work on things constantly.Wish you alot of good in your life.your Baby will be happy to know Mommy was good to him/her.take...
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    My new therapist triggered me. Is this common?

    Normal to get triggered not only by people but by things in general,remember how vulnerable we are ,don't forget we are like a sponge when it comes to opening up to New people and places,things,etc.i can't tell you how many times I would have walked away from therapy since mine did things that I...
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    Someone help me sort this out - Marriage, Pregnancy, Hormones, Depression, & Trauma

    Communicate,let him know how things Trigger you in a gentle manner.this is the same thing that happened in my last relationship which ended on New Years Day this year.20 years of struggling and I do not blame anybody for the breakup not even my non existing mom and dad that did not provide the...
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    Sufferer First post for help - Headaches, dizziness, muscle aches no better after 2mo of counseling.

    You are more than Welcomed,there are Alternatives and I have been lucky to have doctors rule out Harsh drugs,I rather hurt than feel like pain is not a part of the process,do what you need to.always listen to your me,it does matter.i have too much invested in this Naturally so it is...
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    Sufferer First post for help - Headaches, dizziness, muscle aches no better after 2mo of counseling.

    Try relaxation movements,Somatics,Yoga and breathe Lavender and Peppermint oil to calm you with breathing excercises.i had no choice but to try all these since I cannot do meds.they were too harsh and I felt worse. please know you are never Alone. We are all here for each other.Take good care...
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    Beyond Words - Seeking Relief from Overwhelming Mental Turmoil

    I understand you.very much feel alot like,so sorry.
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    can A life be wasted?

    Hi,I know the feeling.know you are not alone.i feel this way helps to be Active for me.meaning I need to Paint,Excercise and help people like you to be noticed and know you are here with alot of people that struggle ,living with C is so hard to keep moving forward when there is...
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    What do you do if you dissociated and are panicking?

    Breathe deeply,slowly.put your hand over your Heart and feel the warmth of your hand.also lay down and relax your arms to the sides and do not tense up,relax your legs as you lay there,slow your breath,take your works wonders for me,I Don't do these all at once unless you need to.deep...
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    Massive backfire in therapy - don't know what to do

    Don't leave,he obviously cares enough to allow time to bring you back into a safe or better place before leaving. My experience is I tried to make up reasons not to return,even today as my Therapist canceled twice for medical reasons in the last 2 weeks but it did not use to matter,I would take...
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    I can't keep doing this - How do you find the strength to hold on?

    You hang in there,I know it feels awful at times but do not give some quiet time.let nice things come to you,you definitely are not alone.i was in an Awful place yesterday and trust me it did get better.know we are all here dealing with this awful states that tend to take the best from...
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    I don't want things to get better/ I don't want to feel okay

    Yes I agree,waiting is difficult.all I know is Not to give up,do everything in my power not to say or do anything Stupid to myself or others.for Example:I get stuck and never have the ability to feel but my body feels it,meaning they are both connected and when the brain goes so does the...
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    Beyond Words - Seeking Relief from Overwhelming Mental Turmoil

    Crying is very Therapeutic for me.i was always told not to cry and you are doing the right thing.everytime I cry I feel relief from my stress and anxiety. Hang in there,we are all here doing the best we can and we care.
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    I don't want things to get better/ I don't want to feel okay

    Process is always key.very good to be reminde,always go through these steps even though sometimes all I can do is hold on and wait which is difficult at times.
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    I don't want things to get better/ I don't want to feel okay

    Oh my god,this is really honest and I appreciate you just letting it all out.i feel the same way and the only thing that keeps me afloat is I know what the work requires,it is f*cking is a very awful thing to live with and seems like everything is a trigger for me.i am on the verge of...
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    Sufferer Deep mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual trauma, 44M

    I welcome you and know we share very similar experiences ,my father would have loved to see me gone from this world but I guess his plan didn't work. I was molested at a very early age and my mother could not be supportive because of my dad's possessiveness so here I am not being able to trust...
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    Self-worth and sexuality and rejection

    You know you're worth more than anybody,period.self worth is measured by what you instinctively know about you.sounds like you know what you bring to the table.i have been lucky enough to have been complimented enough to know this but this last break up I had to be very honest and say it would...