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    Need Advice to Manage PTSD Episodes And Triggers - Counseling For Substance Abuse But Not Trauma

    Im hear because i suffer from cpstd and ptsd. Breif history my dad was an alcoholic and suffered through a lot of trauma and he brought it on to me. My mother cheated on my dad and ran out on us. My dad today is 20 years sober and we have a great relationship. My mom i keep in contact. I...
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    How do i relax my brain and body!?

    I firsby golf. I don't have good stress management at all. I'm not very good to responding to it. I isolate and the from the situation or problem until it boils and I blow up causing alot of hard feelings then I'm wreck and twice as stressed trying to put back all the pieces. It puts a toll...
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    How do i relax my brain and body!?

    I can not relax in any way. The more overwhelmed I feel the worst it gets. I get to the point of only sleeping a few hours a night. I don't dream but very seldom. My mind just won't shut off making sceneries to were I feel like everyone is out to screw me around, just real negative thinking...