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  1. MnM

    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    Your dog spends a weekend in the city tapping everyone who is exhibiting anxiousness, which you might explain or not, depending on the people. Explaining the Morse code taps she does was a first!
  2. MnM

    Unplanned Pregnancy

    Hi @OceanEyes.... your post is beauuuutiful. I birthed a terminated pregnancy out over Christmas 2017 while working in Australia. Under different circumstances, I would've continued the pregnancy. I have never questioned that decision, though I have gone over it to check myself. I put the...
  3. MnM

    Have you found value in "talking about it" with friends?

    ALL OF THISSSSS 💪🏼 Regarding friends, I'm pretty much - distant text friends with people who have PTSD - fringe friends I don't have to "come out to" cuz we talk about self-awareness and philosophy all day (okay not for more than two hours and always before 7pm) 😂 - long-time friends who know...
  4. MnM

    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    The dog, this morning, as she weaseled her way up the bed on her back, legs akimbo, to tell me she is SO HAPPY and get scratches before breakfast. I couldn't care less if it's 4am - give me joy.
  5. MnM

    Sufferer Greetings - what has helped you?

    This was one of the most blatantly honest and helpful resources I've ever found. Therapists are tied to a bunch of liability drivel that drives me insane - just tell me the effing truth - so when I did all the reports on this website and found my main issues, I brought those into therapy and now...
  6. MnM

    Sufferer Life's joke on me - Riding the PTSD train, and l can't seem to find the exit sign.

    So like two posts ago you said you were living in fear as people were crawling in your attic and crawlspace and the police weren't responding.
  7. MnM

    Slowing down

    I read a quote somewhere along the lines of "If staying on high alert and having to pay attention to survive, or having to do things a certain way in a certain time frame helped you stay alive, it makes sense you're stuck there - it helped you survive." For me this means I have to force myself...
  8. MnM

    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    I'm sorry you're feeling so vulnerable. I hope you can take whatever extra security measures so you can feel safe.
  9. MnM

    Im 23 and never dated after abuse

    There's a lot to unpack in your post. As others have said, I can so relate, and I can feel your lonely lostness. When we don't know, we truly have NO idea. I'd suggest just making friends. Platonic friends. Get a feel for what safe touch and talk feels like. Live in the safety realm - feel what...
  10. MnM

    Advice on cutting ties with abusive family?

    The fact that you feel the need to make a decision speaks to your responsibility levels. Are you okay with letting it be a bloody mess pushed off the side of your desk? Are you okay with being the adult in the room, moving on with your life, becoming independent financially and emotionally, and...
  11. MnM

    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    I'm not sure now if you're talking about your crawlspace or the show. Can you lock or barricade the space? Police in another state can't get to your house in time, nor do they have jurisdiction to do anything.
  12. MnM

    Relationship Looking for people who "get it"

    It is. If you are not in touch with yourself, how do you know how you are, who you are, where you're going, or what you need? I'd venture a guess that your partner's self-care levels mirror this. We cannot be in tune with ourselves if we are not doing the things that make us feel grounded and...
  13. MnM

    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    Can you lock or block or secure your crawlspace or attic? Electric shock device in either space? Not sure where you live and what your laws are. Have you engaged legal action against intruders?
  14. MnM

    Relationship Looking for people who "get it"

    Full on what @Friday said. You cannot be her carer and her partner simultaneously. I've so been in your shoes. It is heart wrenching, confusing, terrifying, debilitating, and soul sucking. YOUR self care, and YOUR needs are paramount to YOUR well being. If I could give my past self advice...
  15. MnM

    Other Battered woman's syndrome

    @leggirl You're doing all the right things! Therapy, somatic processing (running), caring for yourself, honest self-reflection, self-protection. With your nightmares, if I may offer some tips that have worked for me - pretend it is in real life. What are some things you can do to prevent them...
  16. MnM

    General New Supporter, looking for help

    I don't know that I'm patient as much as I'm super curious. And perhaps a little self-sacrifice, helper, and over-empathy. Maybe a little masochism. I'm working on those 😫 #getinline 😂 I do think we can accept others' delusions without validating or encouraging them. You saw a ghost today? Tell...
  17. MnM

    General New Supporter, looking for help

    Thanks @Sweetpea76 for expanding - definitely what you said. @Portlander If you're a supporter, support. Enter the delusion. Understand their view of it. Accept this is how they feel. That's literally all they need from a supporter - not your job to figure out the where why and when and how...
  18. MnM

    Sense Of Self

    @OliveJewel Damn. That's a post worth reading. Thanks for bringing me to this thread!
  19. MnM

    Research Participate in Dark Triad Study: how childhood trauma influences emotional regulation and development of dark triad personality

    Australian College of Applied Psychology investigating how childhood trauma influences how people regulate their emotions, and how dark triad personality develops...
  20. MnM

    ED Accountability (eating)

    May i make some recommendations that have helped me to eat when I know I won't?
  21. MnM

    To Feel Safe Again - Discovered (former) church friend has a history of sex crimes & kidnapping

    Maybe it's different where you live, but in one specific experience with the police for something like this, I faxed or emailed reports weekly and the police said they'd been waiting years to get the person and had even set up stings from neighbours' properties but couldn't get proper visuals or...
  22. MnM

    To Feel Safe Again - Discovered (former) church friend has a history of sex crimes & kidnapping

    Yes. Once you clearly state in writing or record verbally that he is not to step on your property, his presence on your property is illegal. I would recommend you recording video if/when he shows up (on top of your cameras). The more you report what you have, infraction or not, the squeakier...
  23. MnM

    To Feel Safe Again - Discovered (former) church friend has a history of sex crimes & kidnapping

    Have you asked the police about a protection order? Or what his post-conviction conditions are? Do you have a notebook in which to record everything that happens concerning this person? Get one. Date. Time. Appearance. What happened. Tone of voice. Clothing. Agitation levels. How he got there...
  24. MnM

    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Met an 80-year-old woman through her dog a while back and now every week, me n dog visit her and hers and she makes us peanut butter cookies and I just can't even 😭🤩🥺🥰
  25. MnM

    Relationship My wife hits me

    Agreed with the above... getting hit is not OK. Ever. Is she in therapy? Can she do some martial arts or something where she learns to manage her violence? Can you? Martial arts is amazing for self esteem... oh and therapy 😉 I dated a guy who would've "let" me hit him and it was because he'd...