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    Can't find work (not fit? for work?)

    Lets see when I tell the place I have PTSD & Carpel Tunnel they never call back or never message back. I live in rural America. I am limited when to how long I can use my hands such as needing a break 15 mins every hour because my carpel tunnel hurts so bad from being a computer repair tech for...
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    Can't find work (not fit? for work?)

    "constantly being told I'm not fit for work" as my husband says my PTSD is so bad no wonder no one is hiring me. I was diagnosed in 2008 via a lawyer in my child's custody case I ended up getting her away from our abuser after the local state (Missouri) sent my daughter away to our abuser...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    Posting my artwork and looking at others.
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    Sufferer Struggling with Trauma and Difficulty Finding Help in Missouri

    Told I had PTSD (2008 )after taking my daughter back from the system in Colorado after Missouri sent my daughter back to our abuser. Life long adventure of pain and abuse before marriage 1 person was also a psychopath. Unable to get treatment due to family (breathing faith down my neck) and...