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    IFS & an angry part - Confusing anger & violence

    These comments make so much sense. Thank you for sharing, I am going to put this into action. I figured out that Im afraid of my own anger majority of the time I will turn on myself and then people get a bit of it as well. Thank you.
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    IFS & an angry part - Confusing anger & violence

    Can anyone else relate and/or share insight? In my therapy we do IFS and discovered a very very angry part. Extremely disadvantaged upbringing, I won't go into the whole story, but one of the themes in it is domestic violence. My mothers partner was a very dangerous man and used to beat her...
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    'Trouble with relationships'

    oh my god, I find that incredibly disheartening for you all to be treated that way by mental health professionals. I am in Ireland and to get therapy you have to pay for it yourself, there are voluntary services but the waiting lists are lengthy. I have not been told those things, but I have...
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    People showing kindness is triggering self hate

    I relate whole heartedly to this. I wish I had some wisdom to share with you but this is something I am trying to understand too. This morning I started listening to Pete Walkers Surviving to Thriving book, I figured it may be too triggering to read it with my own eyes so I will listen to it on...
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    Relational Trauma

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this site. I have been in EMDR therapy for a number of years trying to heal unresolved trauma. It seems to be getting more and more complex. That is my feeling around it. It is no secret that my relationships have been severely impacted, despite being with my partner...