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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    Today I am grateful for my cute cat and the sunshine rays we are both sitting in right now. Also grateful for how much a warm cup of green tea uplifts my spirits. <3
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    Childhood Considering Opening Up to My Family About a Past Mistake Involving My Sister

    I know you asked your sister to touch you, but you never forced her to and that is the important difference to remind yourself. I think that it's pretty normal for tweens to explore sexual touch, and it makes sense that if you don't know any better you would ask a sibling, since family feels...
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    Self-worth and sexuality and rejection

    Last week I had a really bad episode that was triggered when my partner rejected my sexual advances. I asked if he had masturbated earlier that day and he said that he had. I asked if he had watched pornography too, because communication is something that we're working on regarding that. He gave...
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    Was I sexually abused as a young child?

    I had a friend in highschool whose parents were very prude, restrictive, and sheltering, but my friend was hyper sexual and promiscuous with older men, but she hid it very well from her parents. She had a sister who was much older who was a "bad apple" because her parents knew about her sexual...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I'm feeling anxious, concerned and worried, and misassumed.
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    Religious trauma and reclaiming positive sexuality

    Hi everyone, what are some ways that you have worked to reclaim your sexuality in positive ways? I have religious trauma and sometimes I still struggle with guilt/shame after having sex with my partner. Interestingly enough, I also seem to have a higher sex drive on the days where I'm struggling...
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    Specific trigger within relationship that I can't seem to get over

    Thanks for this input. I think there's a lot of shame tied into not being okay with porn, because of society's normalization of it. Any time that I've opened up to others about it in the past it's kind of backfired back at me with words like "EVERY man watches porn. It's normal. They're built...
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    Specific trigger within relationship that I can't seem to get over

    I just want to let you know that I relate to your feelings and morals surround the porn industry a lot and am also trying to navigate my triggers. I just created a thread about my feelings if you want to check them out.
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    What does sexual morality mean to you?

    My partner is not very confident being vulnerable so he doesn't share with me what his sexual fantasies and turn ons are. I just want to be involved. I've tried numerous times to encourage communication on that end but it feels one sided. I feel like porn offers an easy out to that. Also we're...
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    What does sexual morality mean to you?

    Lately I've been contemplating sexual morality and what that means to me. I was raised in a pretty hardcore Baptist Church so any kind of "lust" outside of marriage was considered a big sin, which caused me to feel immense guilt over my body's need to masturbate. Years later, I grew out of...
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    Childhood Tattoos and PTSD - Good or bad idea?

    I've always loved the idea of getting a tattoo(s), but part of me worries about the permanence. I would absolutely be very careful in picking out my tattoo artist and think for months before deciding on my tattoo, but I'm curious what other peoples' experiences have been. I'm scared mostly of...
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    Sufferer New and nervous about posting

    I highly recommend you check out on Instagram The Holistic Psychologist! You should never feel like your trauma is "not that bad" and she goes over that very well in her book How To Do The Work. What you've experienced with your previous diagnosis of "general anxiety" and "chronic depression" is...
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    Partner getting a tattoo ( one of my triggers)

    I would communicate everything with him that you have already communicated with us here. Communicate to him that you don't want to affect his decision about his own life because of you, but that you also wanted to let him know why you seemed upset when he brought it up. From your comment about...
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    Noticing inner feelings

    Unfortunately my partner is alcohol dependent. It didn't bother me at first I think because I was trying to rewrite the narrative of drinking and alcohol and also overriding my personal triggers with it. But now I see myself trying to "override" a lot of toxic traits in my adulthood. It does...
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    Noticing inner feelings

    I also make notes in my phone throughout the day, and revisit them to study their causes. A couple of weekends ago I hit a huge milestone. My partner and I went on a trip to go see a comedian we both love. We got there early so that we could eat and get some drinks before the show. During the...
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    Childhood Paternal Trauma and Sexual Arrousal

    In the past year I have spoken about his drug and alcohol abuse and his non-sexual harassment and none of them had any idea, so I didn't mention the sexual vibes to any of them. Thank you so much for sharing this. It does help me to hear similar stories to this. The triggers usually only...
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    Childhood Paternal Trauma and Sexual Arrousal

    Reading some of ya'lls posts about "Body Memories" has helped me feel more validated in my experience. I have childhood trauma that circles around themes of "intrusion," "invasion," "violation." I was homeschooled from kindergarten in a very strict and religious household, and I was the only one...
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    Cutting out a parent

    Does anybody have experience in cutting out a parent or other immediate family member? I'm 27 years old and have recently come to terms with honoring my past tween/teenage promise to herself that if she made it into her adult years, she wouldn't have to have anything to do with the one who made...
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    I am my own mother and father

    Hey all! I just thought you might want to know that I decided from now on, I am buying MYSELF presents for Mother's and Father's day. My father was emotionally abusive and my mother was (and is) emotionally neglectful. So much so, that I grew up having to be my own source of comfort and support...
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    feeling like you’re faking

    Never undermine your PTSD. I would highly recommend you read the book "Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving" by Pete Walker.
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    Undiagnosed EMDR recommended?

    Never undermine your PTSD. I would highly recommend you read the book "Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving" by Pete Walker.
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    Catastrophizing help

    I definitely relate to this in all aspects of my life, but especially work and relationships. Last night I had a really bad fight with my live-in boyfriend. We were drinking and staying up watching YouTube, which is something we both enjoy doing to spend quality time with each other when we both...
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    Sufferer Self diagnosed CPTSD survivor just recently seeking professional help

    Nice to meet everyone! I have severe emotional childhood trauma that I have managed to pull myself out of by myself. I am extremely self insightful and have a long history of not confiding in ANYONE, but have recently started to come out to some of my closest relationships. I have sought therapy...