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    Panic attack when waking up every morning

    OK, reading it now. Thanks.
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    How do you work on feeling safe?

    I make a list for the week. have been doing this for years. Mostly things I need to do/get. It always starts with check doors, lights, windows, then I go to chores, bills, grocery, to do, goals, etc. I read it every morning and check the things I need to do, add anything I forgot. After a while...
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    Panic attack when waking up every morning

    Hi, I want to let you know that I sincerely appreciate you. I, however, am a little overwhelmed by the site, my reaction to some other folks, etc.... and I am leaving. I read a womans account of her childhood and could not leave the house. Not something I can do right now. Perhaps I will try in...
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    It's really hard for me to read the posts on this forum

    Your post is so true to me. I'm new here too and feel the same way. We are all supposed to be here to learn to be better or just be. In the few days I have been on here, I have gotten some good advice. But, I've read some traumas I wish I hadn't. Now those are in my head. I'm looking around me...
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    Sufferer New - Just Joined After My Search Engine Brought Me Here

    Same, finally get a few hours and wake up still seeing things from nightmares. I believe reading some of the stories here has impacted my dreams quite a bit. There are folks here who have seen some really bad stuff. I am sure we all have, but I might need to be more careful what I look at. Thank...
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    Relationship My mother makes herself my responsibility

    Hi Benny, this is so sad. You are not selfish. You obviously love your mother so much and she obviously does not give a rats ass about you. But she cared about a dog.... Have you told her that she is driving you insane? Maybe honesty is the best here. I am older than your mom, have a thyroid...
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    Sufferer Hello, fng here… Police & Ministry. Dealing with death and misery.

    I have been here too. I am so sorry you are feeling so done with life. I get it. I don't want to hurt anyone or make anyone depressed along with me either. I guess that is why we are all here on this site, to see what others are doing/feeling. My fix for suicidal feelings has been to focus on...
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    Hospital when I'm supposed to be on vacation. So sad & upset .

    Oh Noooooo! Holy crap!!! Glad you caught the stone before your vacation though. You might have c-dif from the operation, my ex got it after his operation - if the diarrhea doesn't stop, I would get back for a c-dif test asap. Sending hugs to you. Hope you are much better soon and can take some...
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    Sufferer New - Just Joined After My Search Engine Brought Me Here

    Great! Thanks for the advice/help. I will try this asap and see what happens. Self talk is important, but the answer might be - no Im not alright Im pissed and scared, LOL. I hope you have good luck with this too. hugs G
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    Mother of my children wished me a Happy Father's Day ?

    I get this. I'm sorry, but your anger over "happy father's day" made me laugh, then cry... I have this rage too. Not sure what to do with it. There are people we can't close the doors on because they have our kids etc. The emotional control tortures us. I have considered a no-contact...
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    Sufferer New - Just Joined After My Search Engine Brought Me Here

    Thanks so much Freddy, not it therapy again yet... still hunting for an affordable answer. Thanks Jafo.
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    Sufferer New - Just Joined After My Search Engine Brought Me Here

    Hi everyone. Thanks ahead of time for your help. I searched nightmares/prevention online and found you all. I was diagnosed with PTSD 25 yrs ago and lived a somewhat functional/ well life until recently. I have come full circle back to nightmare mode after a recent severe head injury at work...