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    Host switch due to 3 consecutive panic attacks

    So our host that identifies with the name Susan had 3 quite bad panic attacks within a couple of days of each other and has disappeared I (Jay) found myself at the front, not much I can do about it unless she decides to come back. We use an electric wheelchair outdoors and it broke...
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    DID New part

    We have also found the part of accepting ‘the last hosts friends’ difficult too. So have lost touch with several everytime there has been a change of host. the only one everyone really loved sadly died in the first lockdown after getting covid. Also going through a lot of changes in later life...
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    Childhood The mid-life phase and how it relates to childhood trauma

    My mid life has been challenging too since peri menopause started! I’m 54 now and getting closer to the other end and hopefully reaching a year in the not too distant future to officially be in the menopause. (Gone over 6 months twice) symptoms started around my mid 40’s I think. ..though...
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    Pulling Away from Friendships

    it has been difficult through first half of peri..the host at the time was not aware of the others at all nobody had ever mentioned anything to us and there was no memory between different alters coming out. there was a medical emergency where we needed adrenaline and was t going to be able to...
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    Pulling Away from Friendships

    I had a period of really intense dissociation which was made worse by being isolated in the pandemic as had been put in the CEV group so could not have anyone in house or go out. Unfortunately I’d also had a stroke in my sleep and not realised which made the brain fog even worse . when someone...
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    it’s treat day today my food shop has arrived so had chicken salad for lunch and a cream bun called an apple turnover! 😁
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    Huge chunk of life memories missing

    I can feel the fragments from the early years coming together (all who saw the original birth name as their name) but am still missing loads from mid 20's to mid 40's. although I know technically 'this body' lived that life during that time. I remember the early life our last dog (when I had...
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    Using fictional characters to deal with trauma?

    I guess I used Maladaptive Daydreaming as a child to cope with bullying. I would recreate scenarios in my mind and act them out, they would be mixed in with some fav celebrity being involved and me saving them and suddenly becoming the popular kid in school Sometimes I would act things out in...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    My dog makes me smile every day! 😁
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    Chat, check-in, and hang out

    hi is ok to join in here? Haven’t really joined in the social chat I never know what to say..I’m not very good at ‘small talk’ I don’t get much interaction these days I’m dependant on family to take me anywhere but I rarely see them so spend most of time just with my (real life) dog and my...
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    What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

    Not got much in so just a (veggie) hot dog with chips for today Food shopping comes on wed so will have fresh salad and veg then. Did make a (quorn) lasagne homemade on Saturday and have a portion left in freezer for tomorrows dinner. sometimes I manage to batch cook but tend to do more in...
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    DID After all those years... How can I gather these parts ? I want to feel complete.

    I believe there is a French DID site. One of the mods is called Dwelt but I can’t remember the name of the site as it was in French and I don’t speak it. There is an in built translation but I mean I think the actual name of the forum was a French one. I can’t find it from my countries browser...
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    Sense Of Self

    I lost my sense of self years ago . it feels like I’ve been in a coma or something only hearing what was going on around me in the background whilst other me’s took the body and the life. The peri-menopause triggered something the chaage in hormones and the erratic fluctuations in the...
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    The Impact of Maladaptive Daydreaming on My Mental Health

    I used to fantasise a lot to cope with childhood bullying, preferred to be in my bedroom imagining scenarios with my favourite pop stars of the time (80’s) . I did move on going on to college, work and university and didn’t do it again for years as never had the tsime. to spend hours ‘locked...
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    DID Integration Progress

    Thankyou! … yes some don’t feel ready, mainly the younger ones who have always lived inside for many years now. I’m in my 50’s now. We usually only had one main front in the past who wasn’t aware of our insiders…but the peri-menopause has been a rough ride for us and having just one was too...
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    DID How many ‘others’ do people have & how do you organize them?

    I guess that means I'm definitely DID then as I have always had distinctly separate identities inside, they've always been there from as far back as I remember. I guess I need to be specifically looking for DID groups so then my 'others' can talk to other people's 'others'.
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    Sufferer Hello.... new dissociated system

    is the forum on here called Dissociation not for people with dissociation then? ..I guess I misunderstood what conditions it was for I didn't realise there were separate forums for different kinds/levels of Dissociaton?
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    DID How many ‘others’ do people have & how do you organize them?

    Our 'insiders' have eventually learned how to manage themselves over the years. We've had a few rough patches but things have settled back down again. Some have integrated over the years but after lockdown and then getting covid leaving us with chronic fatigue we can't do as much these days, so...
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    Sufferer Hello.... new dissociated system

    which DID-specific forums do you mean?
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    Sufferer Hello.... new dissociated system

    Thanks but i don't know if I have broken a rule already but I don't seem to be welcome on the dissociative forum which I joined to take part in? One post has been deleted and the second moved from that forum. So I guess we maybe trying to find another 🙁
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    DID How many ‘others’ do people have & how do you organize them?

    Ii'm not sure why my post was moved? I have a dissociative system and I posted it in the Dissociative disorders forum???
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    Sufferer Hello.... new dissociated system

    ok we all answer to the same name anyway to remain covert in the outside world. Just never met anyone else with the same condition to share experiences with. We won't be any trouble! I (Susan) am always the one that comes on the computer to check email, do shopping etc anyway! 😀
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    Maladaptive daydreaming that mimics forgetfulness

    I have always been a daydreamer and like this..I did this alot taking hours to do the simplest task as I'd be lost in fantasy..Kathy wasn't co-con with me in the early days . One of the advantages of having 'others' I think is if they can do something more efficiently and quicker sometimes!
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    DID How many ‘others’ do people have & how do you organize them?

    Hi I had written another post but it got deleted.I think because it had the same title as my Introductory post? Anyway I've just joined... two of us head the system working co-con, but I do the typing and online stuff.... we each have a small sub-system ..I wondered how many 'others' people...
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    Sufferer Hello.... new dissociated system

    No .. people got locked up for talking to themselves when I was in childhood, they were seen as 'imaginary friends' by parents but they passed years ago now. Nobody in our current daily life knows anything about it. Everyone whose known us 'for years' think we grew out of it eventually! We...