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    A Question About Cpp

    Sorry I didn't know how to change it it is Canada pension plan though....there were no responses
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    This Is A Sincere "Thank You" To A Forum Member

    So glad I was actually able to make a difference so many years ago! I know I am not around as often and only pop in and out but to all that helped me through the years including you Herc...a big thank you!
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    A Question About Cpp

    About eight years ago I applied for cpp in Ontario and was denied. So then I applied for a disability tax credit, appealed and won. I appealed the cpp too but lost, that was 8 years ago. Does anyone know if I reapply for cpp now that I qualify for the disability tax credit will they take it off...
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    Do Songs Ever Play Over and Over in Your Head?

    It still happens to me.....all the time, especially if I am stressed out or someone is yelling at me and then I go on to do things like organize and forget where I put everything.....drives my son and boyfriend crazy! Bottom line..its ok during a therapy session but if someone yells at me I shut...
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    What All Do We Need To Do To Treat Childhood Trauma And Heal? has slowed my recovery..some days Im too sore to cope with anything! Even getting into a shower when I know I shoud be taking care of myself some days just moving I want to cry..a day like today...the weather has changed, its raining and damp and I feel very sad and defeated, this is not...
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    General I Wish I Did Not Take His Problems Upon Myself So Much

    Hes lucky to have someone love and support him but I feel how difficult it is for you...maybe individual counselling for you would help.
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    What All Do We Need To Do To Treat Childhood Trauma And Heal?

    I have both a physical disability....degenerated and torn discs, kinked spinal cord along with definitely has been a battle, an uphill battle. Good luck with you healing.
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    Relationship Break Up Due To Ptsd ... Trying To Stem The Backlash

    Sorry to hear about your relationship troubles......maybe therapy can help you through this rough patch. Take care Bec.
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    Wow Am I Ever Lost!

    Hi Bec..ya Im lost too! lol
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    My Daughter Got Beat Up By Her Husband Last Night While She Was Asleep

    I am so sorry this has happened....
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    Tired Of Feeling Depressed

    Feeling the same way, even though my life has taken a turn for the better, I am loved and supported but I am tired, lethargic and apathetic...I cannot wait for christmas to be over!
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    Have Not Been Around For A While....any Advice New Or Old Would Be Helpful

    As some of you may remember me and some may not my symptoms are increased memories and therefore I want to numb out. I have had a control over this for almost three years with a few relapses. My mother who I have been sharing a home with and she has been both verbally abusive to me and my son...
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    Advice Needed To Sleep All Night Without Nightmares

    My nightmares come out when my stress levels go through the roof. I do have prescriptions though. I know you want to stay med free and that I think is great but I take immovane and it has an amnesic effect so you don't remember if you dream or not. I took them every night for a very long...
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    My Wife Hears Me Moaning In The Middle Of The Night.

    I usually remember the nightmares...I only stay at my boyfriends on the weekend...I told him too wake me up and he just tells me its ok and reminds me where I am and that I am safe, that helps. At home...I swear my dog knows..I will wake up with her pretty much sitting on my head! I find that...
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    Question For Sufferers Who Have Ever Pushed A Loved One Away.

    I have done this too many times to count. I know it is not healthy but I still get torn between feeling lonely and then wanting to isolate and shut the world out and then not wanting to be alone because I feel so lonely. I guess for me it has become a viscous cycle.
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    Can Ptsd Cause Multiple Marriages????????

    By 30..I was married two times. I think it often causes relationship problems unless you have had therapy and are working to improve this and relationships in general.
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    General Shopping To Take Away Ptsd Symptoms??

    I do it, for me when I do it, I feel good. I have a bit to spend but I think it activates the endorphins that make you feel good. I call it retail is something that makes me feel good and sometimes lets us forget and get out of the mindless chatter that at least goes on in my brain.
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    Denied Disability Tax Credit In Canada....any Suggestions

    After sending in my information the sheet came back with I am not disabled enough? I also have 8 herniated/torn discs along with PTSD. I have been on disability 8 years....because I honestly cannot work, I want to work, I am a nurse and worked hard for that. Does anyone have any suggestions or...
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    General Gp Told Hubby To Get A Dog.

    I have a morky..half maltese..half yorkie. She is my best friend and a reason..if I nightmare, I generally wake up with her sitting on my head and licking my face to wake me up. That is her picture on my profile. The best decision I made and it helped me with my PTSD.
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    Ptsd And Nursing

    I have.... a lot..I can't write right now but i will pm you....
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    Internet Dating For Ptsd Dummies

    Thanx too! Society really is not the problem for me...I don't care what others think at this point as long as I am happy that is what matters. My mother on the other hand..a year later she wants to kill me and him. My relationship with my mother has always been up and down and she...
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    Internet Dating For Ptsd Dummies

    I will be forty this year and he is forty-five....NO kids here....that was what I thought too....
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    Internet Dating For Ptsd Dummies

    I laughed at alot of these posts...actually one of the original posts that listed what PTSD is like...can you imagine if that was actually on our profile? I wonder who would pick me up....I don't hardly sleep through the night, sometimes i cry and choke in my sleep, I shake when I get nervous...
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    Do You Suffer Severe Anxiety When Going To The Dentist?

    OMG...I forgot about this post....that was like a year ago. I had 4 teeth pulled in three sessions, with three fillings. I did one without medication and cried and shook the entire time. All of the other, I had conscious sedation and the last appt my boyfriend sat in the room to make me feel...
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    Fibro Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

    Thanx nie for the info....I say the exact thing, I am so tired of being tired ALL the time. I too, have the fibro dx.