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    Has anyone had EDMR?

    Yes. Sorry.
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    Sufferer Hi everyone. CPTSD caused by work incident

    Hi all. New here. I'm from Australia and my work colleague and I were involved in an incident nearly 2 years ago. I used to work in community services/disability sector, but the incident changed all that. Now I have a life very different to the one I was living and it's horrible. I don't like...
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    Has anyone had EDMR?

    I am about to start EMDT for my CPTSD. I have been warned that it is difficult as it exposes you to trauma again and again in an attempt to desensitise you. I am willing to try anything to regain some semblence of a life.
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    Word finding difficulties

    Hi kirbs. I relate. It makes me so frustrated. I know the word or sentence I want to say, but my brain can't figure out how to express it. I used to be able to multi task and comprehend multiple step instructions. Not anymore. I hate it.