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    Same situation as you! Before, I didn’t understand at all how people can drink coffee and give such money for it. But one day I tried the best banana latte of my life, and I couldn't resist not drinking coffee anymore! I love espresso, but I rarely drink it, only when I haven't had enough sleep...
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    Synesthesia and Empathy

    It must not be easy for you.... It seems that at some point you cease to be aware of yourself as a separate organism, and try to merge with another in order to take away its pain. I don’t know what to advise in this case, because sometimes it happens to me too ...
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    Concerning neighbors` dogs and how my day has been...

    You are definitely not irrational to feel angry in this case. This is your common problem, but it seems that you are the only person who wants to deal with it - that's why you feel anger
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    Complex relationships with family/parents - how often do you talk?

    I had a difficult relationship with my parents. My mother divorced my father when I was one year old. She studied and worked, so I was raised by my grandparents until the age of 7. I rarely saw my mother, and at that time she had another boyfriend with whom she spent a lot of time. When they...
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    Sufferer Here for the support

    Thank you for the welcoming!
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    Sufferer Here for the support

    Hi all. Been reading this forum for a while and decided to create an account here. I hope that I can receive and give support to all of you. Thanks a lot