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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    be afraid, be very afraid. But it will be OK, he looks like he could charm his way out of any trouble if thats him in the avatar-expose belly and smile, all good.
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    Current Weather

    drove home in a wintery mix of rain and snow, saw that i needed to fill the wood box so i pushed a wheelbarrow through 2 inches of standing water out to the woodshed and loaded it and pushed it back to the woodbox on the porch, grabbed a piece and went inside to toss it in the stove. I took off...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    found out that stuff I bought for a hobby job ten years ago is worth double what I paid for it now because it is a common hobby job, thats why I got out, and finding someone happy to pay me what my stuff is worth today made me smile. These are old film projecter speakers from the fifties and...
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    What do you like to see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

    See beauty, people, hearts, and elegant industrial design solutions Hear almost all music and the effortless run up of well crafted machines. Smell of fresh cut timber, bel ray two stroke dirt bike smoke, salty fire fighter turn outs in a leather interior truck cab (been awhile for those last...
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    Dealing with unavoidable exposure to triggers - cycles of facing them/ dissociation and dysregulation/ avoidance, ad nauseum...

    I am triggered by bad driving, places on the road where i responded to bad accidents, saw death, and horribly selfish people sorry for the damage they caused. I almost never start a car without thinking about it at some level and since i live right in the geographic center of the district in...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    daffodils blooming at the 45th parallel, next i will see the birch trees start to take a green hue. It always turns to spring, every year, but I get impatient and seeing the wait start to pay off makes me smile.
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    hey, dennis fan here, the comic strip was present when i was a shorty, and i remember comic books too i think. And..,it was a tv show, only on one UHF station that barely came in at grandmas house, but i did my best to catch it back in the day, but i always forgot to be in front if the tv or the...
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    Atheist unite!!

    to answer the questions posed by @Ecdysis I say that as an atheist i dont know if there is more to life than meets the eye, any more than anyone that believes there is. none of us here can say anything about it with certainty, i dont know is all i know for sure. wouldnt it be great if this is...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    damn. I learned about skibidi just now, via the Washington Post. If Ben Bradlee's paper is covering it, some clear eyed journalist who works for the company that carries forth the legacy of Woodward and Bernstein believes it has some weight, it has some weight. It is to laugh at, purely, so who...
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    sticker: Screw lab safety, I want super powers!
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    What was the absolute "low point" of your life and how did you get out of it (if you don't mind talking about it) ?

    hard to put low points in a scale relative to other low points. At the time, my bottom had dropped out and after that, who cares if its not as bad as the last time or worse? My biggest bottom drops have been times when i knew i was going to die if the people in the ER werent given enough to work...
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    PTSD sundowning

    definitely some aspects of the end of daylight get me a little unwilling to end the day. It has to do with being done with my work for the day and enjoying the time that no one else can claim. Going to sleep is kind of phase one of my next to do list that will last until tomorrow, about the time...
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    Small things, great victories. What’s yours?

    built an electronics project and enjoyed it last night. Very satisfying to take components that are nothing by themselves and turn them into something that is so many times more than the sum of all the parts.
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    Why being ignored makes me HYSTERICAL!

    yes, you know what you are doing and why. I get that way over similar stuff too, and I know I do it. For me it is the repeat of the problem that sends me up the scale, and after a few repeats, in my mind it is going to be my fault it happened at all and definitely my fault it happened again and...
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    Atheist unite!!

    wasted energy. Far easier to just know that these people walk among us and that they are for the most part harmless. If I see harm, yeah, I'm in up to my armpits. An ex family member used to call ahead to stores and ask that they turn off the music because she was going to go shopping there. She...
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    Atheist unite!!

    found myself sitting in a hospital, a place where science reigns supreme, listening to the pa system announce that it was time for us all to close our eyes and thank the magical thing high upon the place of omnipotent oversight. It strikes me that everyone there in the hospital was there because...
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    Other CPTSD = Borderline?

    tomato potato. In years of work I have never heard the statement that CPTSD and borderline are the same, more often i hear that CPTSD is not an accepted diagnosis in the DSM. Seems to me that saying a DSM accepted diagnosis (borderline) is same/same as a non listed diagnosis is a second level of...
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    How do you practice self-love and compassion?

    I am like twenty years into the Pema Chodron meditations, and they were here long before her. Time proven, as in centuries. Yes, this is a good thought to fill your mind until there is no room for f#&% everyone. And their horses.
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    Stories from people who have moved forward in some way with forgiveness, particularly toward those who abused them.

    ever hear the true statement- Hate is the poison we drink to hurt our enemies
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    Stories from people who have moved forward in some way with forgiveness, particularly toward those who abused them.

    think about the idea that the opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is apathy. So what is the opposite of hate? For me, I think the opposite of hate is also apathy. The opposite of hating my abusers is the feeling that I just don't care anymore. So why carry around a white hot anger...
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    How do you practice self-love and compassion?

    recently as part of an exercise I made a list of things that make me happy. Some are easy, some are hard, some are distant, some are right here and easily brought about. I will share my most recently checked boxes: finishing a project, at work or at home, the feeling of finishing and savoring...
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    Stories from people who have moved forward in some way with forgiveness, particularly toward those who abused them.

    I turned the phrase "forgive and forget" into one that makes sense for use when applied to my parents. "forget and forgive" makes more sense. If I am supposed to forgive and forget, that implies that forget follows the act of granting foregiveness when we all know that forgetting someone that...
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    Is ‘You’ll know when it’s the right time to end therapy’ just a big myth? (And how do I unattach from my therapist to end therapy?!)

    man, as long as i am learning and growing I dont even think about leaving. That said, I am still learning but there are maybe two dozen therapists in my past that i graduated from. Some i would see again, some i only saw a few times and wouldnt go back unless it was out of curiosity- did they...
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    current thought on the link between stress and colitis

    what is the current medical knowledge about the link between stress and colitis?
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    Freeze or Flight? Thoughts about time loss and workaholism?

    PRIOR to fight or flight my healthiest tool is distraction. Staying busy is an avoidance of the progression to fight or flight. Losing time by being constructive isnt something that has ever bothered me, but yeah, i wouldnt feel the same way about it if i thought it was a symptom of the disorder.