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    Movies: Can They Help Us Tolerate PTSD?

    Black Hawk Down...another RS film - I have watched this also, it lef lasting scars that much I do know and rememebr now, Somalia - I am not able to watch the news at the moment so I dont know waht is happening there today... or the last six months now either, it is difficult focussing sometimes...
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    Cohesive Writing?

    I thank you Cragger, Amethist and midi, for your kind comments to me, it has been a while since I revisited this thread because I am bad I know at saying thank you. It is not that I don't feel it as I know you all know here, those that know and read me anyhow it is that I feel pain, real pain...
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    PTSD Space - Coming Soon - Your Input

    I am interested Anthony I am also IT challenged too and wonder if I could be able to access this , and there might be others similarly somewhat anxious about the newness of the kind of website you are describing
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    Know Any Stirring Lyrics?

    Help all of us ~ Isn't It Amazing - Hothouse Flowers Isn't it amazing? Isn't it amazing? We follow a winding path Through towns of tears and laughter oooh Moved by the one spirit And the spirit's moving faster Closer as the great eagle soars And we follow steady Steady as she goes And every...
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    Know Any Stirring Lyrics?

    High Hopes - Frank Sinatra Next time your down with your chin on the ground there's a lot to be learnt so look around Just what makes that little ol' ant think he'll move that rubber tree plant anyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant but he's got high hopes he's got high hopes...
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    Know Any Stirring Lyrics?

    High Hopes - Dave Gilmour Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young in a world of magnets and miracles our thoughts drift constantly and without boundary The ringing of the division bell had begun Along the long road and and all down the causeway do they still meet there...
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    I Am Going To Graduate!

    If I have got this wrong I apologise again :eek: I somehow managed to mess up my browser Ursa and I meant to send you a congratulatory message before (If this is the second one than cool because you can never have too many congratultions) All good respect to you Ursa :Hug_emoticon:
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    I Am Going To Graduate!

    Congratulations Ursa I kind of understand the meaning this must have and hold for you Congratulations again I really am very happy for you ~
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    The Foulest Stench

    This just made my day Nicolette Thankyou Excellent :rofl: You are wonderful thankyou for this - you have truely brightened my day. Have a good one ~
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    Relationship The Price Of PTSD On Relationships

    Thankyou for this Nicolette, the last relationship I was in I had ALL theblame heaped on me, even his issues became my problem and I didnt know him all that well or for all that long either. I tried to slow that weird processing down but I ended up taking all the blame on board myself anyway...
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    General Help My Husband Has PTSD

    I would like to add to this also, that if he is being verbally abusive and you are allowing and tolerating it ... then you are encouraging this behaiour and enabling it also. And that will do him harm in the long run also, because if not challenged in some way (and I am not saying challenge him...
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    EMDR At Home

    Blues I was late for my appointment today and that heightend the anxiety I was already feeling this morning before I got there, and my journey involves me travelling past a trauma scene and an abusers house. I make it to the appointment though reasonably in tact considering those facts. I am...
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    EMDR At Home

    Update on emdr preliminary. Today was difficult and emotional, and we have not yet begun the actual emdr therapy yet. But I am trying to be hopeful today and know I have to slow and rest some more also. Thanking of you~
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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    I am grateful today that I feel like I am begining to face back in the right direction again I hope. I am so very grateful also to be here and to be encouraged in keeping on going with learning here too.
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    Re-Registering With The Open University

    I re registered with the Open University this morning, and I did it from here. For those of you that dont know I have been struggling this week bad (6weeks going on now), I have been and probably am still being a F*** Wit. OK so I said it its out. DO NOT give in to the feeling that you just...
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    Chat Is Going Off

    ok so now Im in trouble, its me your pain in the neck (sorry again) It isnt recognising me for some reason Anthony. I am not quite sure if I am filling somehting in wrong again. This is exposure therapy for sure because I am feelings my levels rising again justasking you all these questions...
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    I Want To Individualise Avatars - Living Avatars - Please Vote

    How would the integration work? Would the selection thingy be the same? Am wondering if you could perhaps open that up as an option perhaps Anthony. I would like to draw my own at some point but I don't have the thing right now to scan and then upload my drawings - freehand... I would like to...
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    Avatars Now Enabled

    Thankyou Nicolette, I'm sorry Nicolette I really thought I had thanked you here for changing my avatar Thankyou ~
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    I Want To Individualise Avatars - Living Avatars - Please Vote

    Does it have to be all or nothing? Would it be possible for instance for people to perhaps keep their preferred choice avatars if they wished to?
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    Know Any Stirring Lyrics?

    Moon River Moon River: Andy Williams or Audrey Hepburn Moon River wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day Oh dream maker you heart breaker wherever you're going I'm going your way two drifters off to see the world there's such a lot of world to see we're after the same...
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    Share Your Humorous Life Stories

    all the time it would seem too... mean that I have such a great story but maybe I shouldn't share it here at the moment. It involves me ina former life I did some voice over work for a dirty movie at one point in time I think it was anyway, they had me read froma script so I didn't actually get...
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    How's The Weather Today?

    warm up here also now interms of the weather it is muggy and close a bright day outside
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    Poll Swiss Cheese Brain a PTSD Side Effect?

    thanks, it looks like .............a fine poll here to me .....also Dylan and I am sorry I have not been able to respond to it as yet. {thankyou for addressing mine though] Thankyou also from me Dylan and Marlene. I have some Monteray Jack cheese slices now but no swiss cheese in the literal...
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    Poll What Is Your Worst Symptom?

    sleep problems I understand these also, I have woken myself up rather thananyone else and I am now confined to the sofa at present . [2 years now not so good but I have other reasons for this also]. I did find that someone kept disturbing me during the only hopeful moment I had somehow set aside...
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    Poll Reputation - What Does This Mean To You?

    I wanted to say that I also agree with Becvan I do think some reputation is a smoke screen in some ways for others to hide behind for sure, I was abused in this manner in real life, this was how people found a way to exert power and control within a church [I used to attend] and also how I was...