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    Anxiety, thoughts spinning, fears - New meds, adult kids, feel lost at what to do sometimes..

    Not really sure how this site works?? So, I did an introduction, so now I am in here...not sure if I'm in the right place. This sites seems kinda all over the place...I posted in another thread, but then noticed it was an old one that no one has posted in since summer?? Anyway, was feeling so...
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    Worries & Concerns

    This one hit me, I feel for you. I just found out my mom, 85, my best friend, has to have heart surgery. I worry about the same thing, no one to really be there for me, no one to help me survive financially like she does...I know I will figure it out and things will work out, but sometime the...
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    Worries & Concerns

    Everything, again! Someone should have told me, firmly, and over and over, that parenting never gets easier. I am so tired of worrying about my adult kids and the continual drama they are going through! I want to help so much, but I know, especially because I am in another program, that I cannot...
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    Hi Jasmin, I usually have horrible nights trying to sleep and waking up every hour or so, but last night I had a great night, only woke up 2 times all night. I started an antidepressant and was so scared about it, but maybe that is a sign it is working ok. I'm just so glad when I do get more sleep!
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    Sufferer Trying this

    I am new her too, I have some social anxiety, it was a lot for me to type 'out loud' to strangers about my situation and cPTSD. I just learned that is what is driving my flip flops of anxiety and depression. I also have a therapist and I was only seeing her a few time a month due to covid and...
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    Sufferer C-PTSD, Child Abuse, sexual abuse and in and out of relationships with addicted people

    Thank you, it's nice to hear a similar story. Yes, I thought I was at the hight of my life, turned 50, was in great shape, rode my bike, walked, played at the beach, swam in the ocean, was ready for the next chapter in my life. I was married, fairly happy. All of that crashed down as I struggled...
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    Sufferer C-PTSD, Child Abuse, sexual abuse and in and out of relationships with addicted people

    I have recently discovered, through my therapist, that all of the issues I have had over the years are cumulative complex PTSD. The abuse and neglect as a child, sexual abuse, and many relationships with addicted and abusive partners. It seems that that is the underlying culprit in my ongoing...