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    Relationship My older sister is terrified of me nowadays, because of the way I reacted to her rape.

    You don't get her back. You give her agency to choose what SHE wants. And clothes are not "provocative." I can understand why she is upset. Do what is best for her and let her choose what she wants. Sit with your feelings, as uncomfortable as they are. I'm not blaming the victim, but ...
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    I think I have ruined my life

    Hug accepted 🤗🫂
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    Sexual Assault Seeking Help and Advice after Suffering Sexual Assault

    Congrats to you for speaking up about it. You've done so much already. I don't know how to help you with your questions... I have been there, so all I can say there is no "wrong" in terms of how you feel and act. Try something that lets you vent your rage: I used to go to a really noisy (the...
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    Goal-setting for Fun Stuff

    I do. I have "leisure reading" time and a set number of books to read, and workouts to do. I actually call these "rules." They have to be, because they truly keep me sane.
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    Childhood My neglectful dad knows I have PTSD and he's offended

    I completely relate. It took so long to get to the place where I saw my Dad, the person who will forever choose to be a victim, as an abuser. Perhaps MORE powerful and damaging than my mother.
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    I think I have ruined my life

    Here for you.
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    Sufferer Hard growing up

    Even if you don't have "PTSD," you have something. You are suffering. I'm not upset, just trying to help you be gentle with yourself.
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    Am I Required to love myself for a relationship?

    These words are gold.
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    Sufferer Hard growing up

    I would caution against labeling your PTSD as "fake" or not "real" because it is not from a war. I too have struggled with this, in my opinion everyone's experience is unique. And not being able to talk about it or have it generally understood by the public can be a trauma in and of itself.
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    What Are Your Favourite Stress Management Activities & Routines?

    Exercise, esp. hikes in nature, strength training & free dance with a pole, stretching to get more flexible. Crystals and rocks - make me feel on track with my goals, connected to the Earth even when working in front of a computer. My cats. Meditation. Reading books that remind me of this...
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    Our asses

    I could use a pedicure !
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    Sigh... got into argument/ fight cos I accidentally said my thoughts out loud to someone I dislike

    She sounds a tiny bit un-self-aware. I wouldn't beat yourself up. It will work itself out organically.
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    Anxious thoughts from single comments

    I believe in what I do on a larger scale. And I meditate, practice affirmations, and dance.
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    Anxious thoughts from single comments

    I understand the part about work being triggering. I often have to read things that are difficult and it sometimes gets to me. But, we are bringing our positive energy to the situation just by being us, even if we are one or more steps removed from it. And taking care of ourselves is always a...
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    Anxious thoughts from single comments

    I feel that. It's normal to feel so much more anxious when we're worn down. And it's okay for you (and me) to be like that today - this sensitivity and worry. It won't last forever.
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    Hey there, friends - Struggling with depression, anxiety, & isolation.

    Animals ARE friends, and family.
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    Beyond Words - Seeking Relief from Overwhelming Mental Turmoil

    We can't all be water signs. Yes, life can be deeply isolative.
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    A set back - I should not drink when focusing on getting my mental health right.

    I had many starts and stops on my way to sobriety. Good things take time.
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    Our asses

    What cuties 🤗
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    What makes a religion abusive/cult?

    It makes your world, and you, smaller.
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    I can't keep doing this - How do you find the strength to hold on?

    I am in a similar situation . . . Just keep moving forward.